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Team offsite event at the University of Passau

From Aug. 20 to Aug. 23, the Chair of Digital Marketing hosted a joint PhD colloquium with friendly marketing professors at the University of Passau…

After the long home office months in the Corona Pandemic, it was finally time for a real, non-digital research exchange. Together with the chairs of Marketing and Innovation (Prof. Dr. Jan Schumann) and Marketing and Services (Prof. Dr. Dirk Totzek), the academic staff presented ongoing research projects on P2P fundraising, long-term ad-effectiveness measurement, COVID-19 data-sharing intentions or upgrade-pricing models. The intensive and stimulating discussion helped a lot to further sharpen the PhD projects and to prepare them for the scientific publication process.

In addition to the research presentations, the participants enjoyed hiking in the Bavarian Forest and strolling through the beautiful city. A big thank you to all speakers and to Jan Schumann and Dirk Totzek for organizing this event together.

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