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Participation in the European Marketing Academy Conference (EMAC)

The Char of Digital Marketing was represented with research projects at the European Marketing Academy Conference (EMAC) 2024.

From Tuesday, May 28, 2024, to Friday, May 31, 2024, the EMAC - European Marketing Association Conference took place in Bucharest, Romania, which Professor Christian Schlereth, Christina Reh, Manuel Weber and Roman Antoschin attended. Professor Christian Schlereth and the chair team were represented with a total of two presentations: Manuel Weber: “Decomposing Spillover Effects in Shopping Malls” and Roman Antoschin: “Visual Language Sentiment in P2P Fundraising: Default Settings for Creators”.

The conference, which is hosted annually by the EMAC community, was hosted this year by the Bucharest University of Economic Studies. The Chair of Digital Marketing is grateful for the feedback received at the conference and the inspiration from the thoughts shared by colleagues. The conference was again a very exciting opportunity to exchange ideas and meet again with friendly chairs.

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