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A group of around 20 people wearing coats and jackets pose outside on the steps at WHU Campus Duesseldorf.

The Importance of Flexibility in the WHU Global Online MBA

Burçin Gezer on studying an MBA from the other side of the world

“At WHU, you feel that you are not just a person on a screen but part of the community. You get a feel for that WHU spirit, whether with the professors, the program team, or other students from other cohorts. For anyone who thinks they do not have time to study an online MBA – I have two children, two dogs, a cat, a full-time job. I come from a completely different educational background. If it fits into my schedule, I think it can suit almost anyone’s lifestyle.”

A vibrant and affable person who is passionate about experiencing life in other countries, Burçin joined the Global Online MBA in 2021. In March this year, Burçin’s cohort arrived at WHU Campus Dusseldorf for their residential week and a chance to finally meet each other in person. “We already felt very close as a cohort, so when we met each other in person for the first time, it was like we all had known each other for years. We are very appreciative of our differences, and we work well together. The residential week itself was the perfect balance between lectures, group challenges, team building, and networking. It felt like a complete WHU experience.”

Burcin Gezer

“Having international connections and knowledge has enriched my career.”

Burçin has a very international background, living in five different countries herself including China, Greece, Singapore, and Turkey. Born and raised in Germany, Burçin started her working life in hospitality. When her husband received a job offer that included relocation to Athens, Greece, Burçin was excited to experience life there, moving to Singapore only a few years later. “I had stopped over in Singapore briefly before during a backpacking trip to Australia, and I always wanted to return. I fell in love with it.” While in Singapore, she completed a bachelor’s degree in social science before another move to Turkey. 

“We had two children by this point, so our next big move was to Hong Kong. This was less intentional and happened by coincidence. I had an opportunity to work with a tour operator there, which had links to Singapore. However, when the protests started and the first wave of COVID hit, we made the decision whether to stay or go, either back to Singapore or Germany. We chose Singapore as it was a second home to us. With COVID, however, all the tours stopped, and I needed to look for another job. In 2020, I was offered an incredible opportunity with the Singaporean-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce. Unfortunately, as it was becoming more difficult to stay in Singapore as non-citizens, especially during the pandemic, we finally decided to return to Germany in November 2021.”

 “I love the online MBA as we are all so diverse, with different backgrounds and cultures.”

During this period in Singapore, however, Burçin began the WHU Global Online MBA. “I had always wanted to study an MBA but needed an entirely online program. As I was working full-time for the chamber, the part-time format worked perfectly.” Burçin explains that she chose WHU because she was looking for a top German university but also due to its commitment to flexibility. “I was very keen to find an entirely online MBA, especially as I was living in Singapore. Many other schools require some class time, or their residential weeks on campus were fixed dates. This lack of flexibility doesn’t work for international students!”

She began researching the school in more detail after speaking with a friend who was completing their master’s degree at WHU. “It was the MBA admissions team who ultimately got me hooked on the idea of the program,” she laughs. “They patiently answered every question, every email. They took care of me, and even now, as a student, they take time to listen to your feedback. They are willing to learn and evolve with the students. I was offered the chance to participate in a lecture as a guest and was blown away. It was so interactive and engaging - you can see WHU professors are at the top of their fields.”

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