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Top Management meets Top Talent - with Carsten Knobel

Henkel CEO Carsten Knobel discussed business challenges and career opportunities with WHU talents.

Last week, Vallendar's Korova Bar buzzed with excitement as Henkel CEO Carsten Knobel met with WHU's top talents for an exclusive evening of dialogue. The event offered a relaxed setting for a candid discussion on business challenges, personal development, and career opportunities.

Attendees not only had the chance to pose questions directly to the CEO but also gained exclusive insights into the workings of company listed on the stock exchange. The intimate atmosphere fostered meaningful conversations, with coffee, snacks, and networking adding to the enriching experience.

Carsten Knobel's visit was a rare opportunity for direct interaction with a corporate leader, emphasizing his commitment to nurturing the next generation of business leaders. The event served not only as a knowledge exchange but also as a source of motivation for those aspiring to excel in the corporate world.

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