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Professor Nadine Kammerlander, Associate Dean DEI & Sustainability and Chair of the Institute for Family Business and Mittelstand

WHU #1 Worldwide in Family Business Research

Texas State University honors Institute of Family Business and Mittelstand

WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management has been listed #1 worldwide in a recent ranking published by Texas State University (Texas State University Family Business Research Productivity Ranking) for its productivity in family business research. Family businesses are the most prevalent form of business globally, making research in this field (and the results generated) particularly relevant. “Our recognition as a leading institution in family business research is not merely an honor,” said Professor Nadine Kammerlander, Chair of Family Business, of the excellent ranking result. “It is proof of our passionate dedication to academia. We want to share our findings even further with professionals in order to develop sustainable, forward-looking approaches.” She and her colleague Professor Christina Günther, IHK-Chair of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises, played a decisive role in making this result possible with the research they perform at WHU’s Institute of Family Business and Mittelstand.

The Texas State University ranking provides an overview of the leading universities and researchers that focus on the family business. The results are based on the collective number of articles published between 2018 and 2022 in the three leading academic journals devoted exclusively to this area. These globally respected journals serve as touchstones for family-business-related research. And this ranking result will only further motivate WHU researchers to help shape the future of family businesses.

The relevance of this research is also evidenced by the placement of WHU’s academics active in this area: Professor Kammerlander is ranked second worldwide in her profession. As early as 2022, she was voted one of the 15 most influential researchers around the globe by online magazine Family Capital.

Further excellent research at WHU comes from the Supply Chain Management Group, whose researchers were voted #1 in Europe last year.

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