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WHU to Accelerate the Eco-Transformation of Europe’s Roads

e-Embarque—a new think tank from WHU, Log-hub, and K2 Mobility to retool heavy-duty vehicles and reduce CO2 emissions

Despite heavy-duty vehicles accounting for only 2% of vehicles on European roads, they are responsible for 25% of carbon emissions in the continent’s transportation sector. Now is the time to accelerate the green transformation of Europe’s roads. And the Chair of Logistics Management at WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management (under the direction of Professor Stefan Spinler) has teamed up with leading provider of data, analysis, and AI services Log-hub and K2 Mobility GmbH, the company behind the dynamic charge-planning solution PANION, to help the logistics sector reduce carbon emissions through the adoption of electric fleets. 

“We at the Chair of Logistics Management at WHU are very excited to be using our scientific expertise and strategic approaches to help leading logistics companies modernize freight traffic and make it more sustainable,” said Professor Spinler. “Our shared collaboration is a major asset, as it sees our combined technological and scientific knowledge, industry experience, and networks working in tandem. And that allows us to optimally support logistics companies when they transition to electric mobility and reduce their carbon footprint.” 

The primary goal of e-Embarque is to assist companies in their transition to electric mobility by giving them quick access to reliable, empirical data based on experience and scientific analysis. The initiative’s next step will be to build a platform for knowledge-exchange over LinkedIn, with plans to expand to other channels in the future. e-Embarque will also publish a ranking of European operators of fleets of heavy-duty vehicles. This ranking will show which logistics companies are introducing electric trucks into their operations and give insight into their plans for expansion and scaling. Currently, e-Embarque is working on joint proposals to help shippers and carriers plan and operate their electric fleets.

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