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WHU student Amelie Schulze

Why I Chose the Bachelor in Business Psychology

WHU student Amelie on her switch to the new program

To be a successful leader, it is vital to understand why people act and think. Psychology is often overlooked when considering careers within the field of business. Still, it can be a valuable tool in motivating a workforce and leading effectively. In September 2022, WHU starts its first Bachelor in Business Psychology Program. The program offers insights into organization psychology alongside its signature combination of quality academics, top faculty, and international orientation. 

Amelie Schulze joined the Bachelor in International Business Administration Program in 2021. However, this year, she has decided to switch. We caught up with her to find out why she decided to change and why she chose WHU on her path to a successful career.

My name is Amelie Schulze. I am 19 years old, and I grew up in Nuremberg, Germany. After graduation from high school, I initially wanted to go abroad and complete some internships. However, these plans changed due to the various lockdowns and travel restrictions. After my internship abroad fell through, I decided to study Sociology and English and American Studies for a semester on short notice before joining WHU in 2021.

There are a few reasons why I decided to switch to the Bachelor in Business Psychology. During my one semester in sociology, it became clear that different perspectives helped me behave more thoughtfully. I noticed that one perceives situations with new eyes through gaining new knowledge. Through this new program, I think a deeper understanding of the driving forces behind behavioral patterns within an organization will help me greatly in my future career. I also believe that the new program will expose me to even more different types of people from different backgrounds and opinions, which will enrich our study time together.

Business psychology interests me because I think a lot about how people perceive things, what they are drawn to, and how they act. I am fascinated by the behavior of individuals and being able to predict and understand these patterns in people. While I don’t have a particular career path in mind yet, I believe that it will help me to make a well-rounded and considered decision in the future.

Business studies can help you in many different career areas. It gives a good foundation for entrepreneurial thinking, which I think you need in almost every company. It gives you an overview of other fields you can later specialize in. This way, you are not tied down by your choice of a degree program but instead, have lots of options open to you when you graduate.

I chose WHU due to the range of academic topics, networking opportunities, and extracurricular activities such as the student clubs. Having an open mind, an eagerness to learn, and an ambitious approach can help you thrive at WHU. I personally found that my structured and team-oriented manner made me a good fit for WHU. I attended a bachelor’s open day in 2019, and the atmosphere I felt at the Vallendar campus had a significant and lasting effect on me.

Studying at WHU has been an intense but rewarding experience so far. While my social circle was mixed previously, now it is a relatively homogenous and ambitious group of young and innovative minds. This pushes me to be my best, as everyone motivates each other here. It has also helped me see how important it is to not always approach a situation from one perspective. There have been no dull days at WHU; I have plenty to do with studying and participating in two student clubs!

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