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Application and Admission

The Bachelor in International Business Administration (BIBA) at WHU is a rigorous undergraduate program. It demands outstanding cognitive abilities as well as exceptional personal and inter-personal skills.

We are looking for applicants who are quick of comprehension, demonstrate above average logical and analytical skills, and are equipped with abstract and structured thinking capabilities. Candidates should also have excellent communication skills, an extensive general education, and must be fluent in English. Qualified applicants demonstrate enthusiasm, self-initiative, openness, creativity, determination, resilience, responsibility and team spirit.

We carefully select candidates through a multistage admission process, which has been developed by ITB Consulting GmbH, Bonn, a consulting firm that specializes in the development of aptitude diagnosing tests.

Information for refugees

We welcome you to Germany and we are happy that you are interested in studying at WHU! We would like to provide you with an overview of our study programs, provide you with all relevant information, and answer any questions that might come up when planning your studies at WHU.

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