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Application FAQs

March 15 marks the early application deadline for the Bachelor program. To help you with your application, we've put together a few of the most-asked questions from international candidates so that you can get started.

1. Why should I start my application now?
By starting your application now, you’ll avoid the pressure to meet the final deadline. WHU may have enquiries about your application, or important documents may still be required and this process can take some time. To avoid any unnecessary stress, we recommend organizing your application now. 

2. What steps do I need to take if I need a student visa?
Depending on where you are from, you may need a visa to enter Germany. Please contact or visit the website of your local German Consulate/Embassy to determine whether you need a visa or not.
We ask international students requiring a visa to please apply as soon as possible to ensure they will receive their visa in time for enrollment. We will gladly help students accepted into our Bachelor program with any relevant paperwork, such as obtaining a visa, getting their residency permit, and registering at the town hall.

3. There are two application deadlines - March 15 and May 15. 
Is there an advantage by applying early?If you meet the application deadline of March 15, you will increase likelihood of being invited to final selection rounds being held in April and June.  Apply by May, and slots in June will only be available. For international applicants, an earlier application time will allow you to schedule the admissions test with us over Skype. 

4. If I apply by March 15, when do I have to submit my English certificate?
No matter when you apply, the English certificate must be submitted by May 22. English tests at WHU are being held on May 11 or May 19. If you are from an English-speaking school, you do not need to submit an English certificate.

5. Which academic certificates should I apply with at this time?
For our admission decisions, we would like to see the most recent academic certificate you will have obtained by March 15, e.g. a semi-annual report.  However, when you apply between now and mid-March, it's absolutely fine to upload the latest acadmic certificate you have received so far, e.g. last school year's final certificate. In this case, we ask you to submit your semi-annual certificate as soon as you recieve it, e.g. in February.