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Bachelor in International Business Administration (BSc)

The Bachelor of Science in International Business Administration Program addresses qualified secondary school graduates from around the world interested in a broadly based, international study program. Grounded in a profound management education, our students gain a comprehensive professional business mindset. They learn how to analyze, manage, and adapt in the rapidly changing business world.  Upon graduation, they are well-equipped for positions across all sectors and industries.

Our program offers a unique mix of a rich academic curriculum and extensive practical experience. Outstanding study conditions enable students to complete of the degree in only six semesters.

International exposure and practical relevance

The Bachelor in International Business Administration Program uniquely prepares the students for operating in international companies. The development of foreign language skills, a semester abroad and an internship abroad are fundamental program elements. Students also gain international experience through the daily interaction with exchange students from around the globe, as well as the opportunity to participate in a “Management Abroad Course”.

Great emphasis is placed on the academic and scientific foundation of the program. Students develop the necessary tools to competently tackle complex problems. At the same time the program fosters practical experience through covering real working situations. Students absolve two mandatory internships, during which they apply their acquired knowledge in a company setting.  

Personal environment

Special focus is put on personal development. Team-building activities include a seminar during the introduction week and other mandatory workshops over the course of the General Studies module.

The admission process and the highly focused study schedule present sophisticated challenges in terms of students’ performance and their commitment. 33 chairs at WHU, more than 100 external lecturers, and a service-oriented administration ensure excellent support of all students throughout their time at WHU. The personal support coupled with our state-of-the-art infrastructure provides a performance-enhancing, creative environment, allowing our students to strive for outstanding results. The personal, almost family-like atmosphere, along with a prevailing atmosphere of mutual trust and respect generate a high level of identification with the school and characterize the WHU spirit.

Building on the previously acquired knowledge and skills, students choose their elective courses beginning in the 4th semester. The course size of electives typically varies between 20 and 40 students.

Courses of the General Studies module range from philosophy, psychology, or engineering, to history, culture and politics. Ethical questions concerning individual behavior, the influence of emotions on the human decision-making process, basic philosophical questions of the present, conflict behavior, learning strategies and methods, as well as important historical events and important cultural / technological developments are addressed and discussed within these courses. All in all, this module is designed to enable students to think outside the economic box.

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