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Tuition and Financing

The tuition for the Bachelor in International Business Administration Program includes all administrative and on-campus services, courses (with the exception of additional optional courses) and the tuition for the semester abroad. An additional fee is charged for the optional Management Abroad Course (this fee only applies to students participating in the Management Abroad course). The tuition does not cover any living costs.

  • Tuition fee per academic year 2018/2019 for citizens of EEA countries and Switzerland: € 13,300
  • Tuition fee per academic year 2018/2019 for citizens of non-EEA countries: € 21,100
  • Management Abroad Course fee (optional): € 1,650

Tuition fees have never prevented anyone from studying at WHU. We welcome every qualified applicant who demonstrates outstanding cognitive and personal skills, no matter of his or her social and economic background. WHU offers a wide variety of financing options to ensure that every student who has been offered admission can indeed complete the study program.

Tuition waivers

Scholarships are available for 15 percent of German WHU students. These spots are allocated based on the German Federal Education and Training Assistance Act (Bundesausbildungsförderungsgesetz - BAföG). The precondition for gaining access to a scholarship is a claim to BAföG support based on income and assets. Non-binding calculations can be self-made by means of the BAföG-calculator.

Fulfillment of the income and asset requirements must be verified by the submission of a BAföG certificate. Whether BAföG is actually made use of does not influence the granting of a scholarship. The BAföG application ( has to be submitted to WHU, who will then forward it to the responsible BAföG authority. Usually, the final BAföG assessment will be available at the end of November. If applicable, a subsequent claim of the tuition fee will follow.

Reduced tuition fee

All German students with a considerable income and assets of up to €7,670 above the BaföG limit per year (creditable income and assets equivalent to the BaföG aid rate) are eligible to pay a reduced tuition fee. However, there is a fixed sum available for the reduced tuition fee candidates. Therefore, the amount of the actual reduction is dependent upon the number of eligible students. In a best case scenario, the tuition fee can be completely offset. The application process for taking advantage of a reduced tuition fee is equal to the application process of scholarships.

The application for a scholarship or for a reduced tuition fee has absolutely no impact on the selection or admission process. The members of the examination board are not familiar with the status of applicants (scholarship/reduced tuition fee). In the event that the number of recommended scholarship applicants is higher than the number of scholarship slots, these will be allocated according to the applicants’ ranking in the selection process. In such cases, the remaining tuition-free applicants are at least offered a reduced tuition fee.

Special bank loan scheme of the Sparkasse Koblenz

Furthermore, WHU is able to offer further assistance in financing of studies. For this purpose, the university has arranged low-interest loan schemes with Sparkasse Koblenz, which are available for German-speaking WHU students without special collateral requirements. The study contract is adequate as security for the bank. This loan is also available to German-speaking international students who can provide a loan guarantee from Germany.

WHU Brain Capital GmbH

WHU Brain Capital GmbH, founded by WHU Alumni, offers an innovative financing concept: the inverse Generation Contract. Students, who participate in the Generation Contract do not pay tuition fees during their studies. In return, they pay an income dependent fee over ten years after their graduation. This payment allows a new generation of students to study at WHU. If the student earns less than € 30.000 in a year after graduation (e.g. because of graduate studies, business startup-up, child care), the payment obligation is postponed. The maximum repayment is limited. The financing concept may also be used to cover living expenses (up to € 600 per month). Besides financial support WHU Brain Capital offers a special mentoring program to the participants. About 25% of WHU students participate in the Generation Contract.

Applicants from the European Union, the United States and Canada may receive up to 100% funding of tuition fees and living expenses (up to € 600 per month). Applicants from other countries may receive up to 66% funding of tuition fees.


Within the scope of the national scholarship program, WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management awards especially talented, high-performing students with scholarships. Comprehensive information regarding the “Deutschlandstipendium” for (prospective) students can be found here.

External scholarships

As a result of the thorough selection process, WHU students have good chances of acceptance in a scholarship program. Nearly 20 percent of our WHU students are funded by a grant or endowment. For instance, the following foundations especially support WHU students:

Further information

Every fifth foundation is not able to find suitable scholarship students, as the fewest students apply for scholarships. Of the few students, who care for support, 92% apply only at 0.8% of all foundations.

Hence a variety of databases exist, comparing applicant profiles with available scholarships, as for example: 


Please contact us! We'll be glad to assist you should you have any questions or concerns about financing your studies at WHU.