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Bachelor of Science (BSc)
2, at least one abroad
6 semesters | 3 years
Vallendar, Germany, and partner university
CHE Hochschulranking 2023: Top Tier
What could you do? Who could you be?

After three unforgettable years. Two internships. One semester abroad. Supported by a global family. What will you achieve? We would love to find out. Together.

Welcome to WHU.

Why WHU is right for you

Small classes, excellent facilities. Germany’s top business school has everything you would expect, and more.
An international student community in the heart of Europe and at any one of our 220+ excellent partner universities.
A network of over 6000 alumni in 67 countries. And Germany’s best career service to help you maximize every opportunity.
We want you to succeed. We also want you to have fun. Our student clubs and activities help develop skills and make friends for life.

Your successful career starts here

What will you learn in your time with us?

From motivational and cognitive psychology to marketing and sales, entrepreneurship to organizational behavior. Your curriculum offers six semesters packed with curiosity, creativity, and conversation.

Everything you need to know to join WHU.

We require a secondary school diploma or equivalent. We need you to be proficient in English. Your grades are important, but they are not the most important. Admission is about you – your creativity, your intelligence, and your ambition.

Funding should not stop your future.

We know a WHU Bachelor Program is a solid investment in your future. We believe financing should not stand in your way. Ask about our simple financing options and scholarships for talented candidates.

It’s not all about grades. Start something amazing.

Grades are important, but they are not everything. Outstanding intellectual abilities will be considered, but we are equally interested in exceptional personal and interpersonal skills. In curiosity and connection.

The WHU Spirit – it's not all about studying!

WHU is a supportive place to be. We take very real pride in our diverse and international student body. In our wide range of student clubs and activities. In our campus and facilities. And in every one of the thousands of lifelong friendships that started here.

A Bachelor program with a truly global reach

Technology brings the world closer. Supply chains knit us together. Intercultural competence is a critical skill for today’s business leader. And the best way to learn it is to experience it. At WHU, you will spend one semester abroad at any one of our 220+ outstanding partner universities.

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Junge Leute stehen auf dem Burgplatz am Campus Vallendar beim Schnuppertag für das WHU Bachelor Programm
Ein dunkelhaariger Bachelor-Studierende sitzt an einem Schreibtisch und studiert seinen Laptop

It is all about your career. And our network.

From our award-winning career center to our international alumni network, we are always building for your life after WHU. Major employers of WHU graduates include Fortune 500 companies. While other graduates are shaping the startup scene. From here, your future looks great.

Talk with some of our current students

In their own words

Amelie Schulze.
Bachelor in Business Psychology
BSc 2023
"Business psychology interests me because I think a lot about how people perceive things, what they are drawn to, and how they act. I am fascinated by the behavior of individuals and being able to predict and understand these patterns in people. Studying at WHU has been an intense but rewarding experience so far. While my social circle was mixed previously, now it is a relatively homogenous and ambitious group of young and innovative minds. This pushes me to be my best, as everyone motivates each other here."
Heike Hülpüsch
Director Career Center
"Business administration and psychology have so many touchpoints! In the most diverse sectors and functions, it is ultimately a matter of understanding human behavior and knowing how to assess or even anticipate it in a business context. From a Career Center perspective, this combination presents countless career opportunities, such as human resources and leadership, marketing and market research, management consulting, corporate communications both internal and external "

Frequently Asked Questions

The degree in Business Psychology has existed in Germany since 1998 and is mainly offered at universities of applied sciences. The definition of business psychology refers to the integration of psychological aspects in economic processes. Thus, business psychology belongs to the field of applied psychology. In this degree program, the subjects of business administration and psychology are taught and interlinked. Such a combination of subjects has many advantages for prospective students and offers good opportunities for a successful career in the business world.

The following study contents or main topics are taught at WHU in the first three semesters:

  • In the field of business psychology:
    Fundamentals of Business Psychology, Social Psychology, Psychological Diagnosis, Moderation Business Psychology, Motivation and Cognitive Psychology.
  • In the field of economics:
    Fundamentals of Economics and Economics, Organisational Behaviour, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Finance and accounting, marketing and sales
  • Further specializations:
    Business Law

In the fourth and fifth semesters, the following focal points from the fields of economics and business psychology are treated even more intensively: Social value creation, negotiations, brand and service marketing, entrepreneurship coaching and psychology, etc.

In the sixth semester, students write their Bachelor's thesis and take part in a project seminar in which they deepen their knowledge. 

You can find more detailed information on the study content in the individual semesters on page for Courses and Curriculum

Bachelor graduates with a degree in business psychology have numerous opportunities to start a successful career due to the versatile learning content. More and more companies are looking for employees who are able to understand economic processes and combine them with psychological aspects. Business psychologists are especially sought after in human resources, marketing and management consulting. When it comes to personnel development and consumer analyses, graduates can score particularly well with their combined knowledge of psychology and business.

To be able to study Business Psychology at WHU, you need a university admission qualification such as a completed High school diploma or an equivalent qualification such as IB, A-Levels, etc. To be able to complete the program successfully further skills such as analytical thinking, personal qualities such as ambition and a sense of responsibility are advantageous. Since this program is taught in English, an advanced knowledge of English and a 6-week internship are also required for this degree program. You can find more detailed information on our webpage application and admissions.

Internet sources such as www.wirtschaftspsychologie-studieren.de give a business psychology salary range of €29,000 and €42,000 per year. At WHU, we have not yet been able to collect our own figures, as the program does not start until 2022. We expect that the vast majority of our students will pursue a Master's degree either straightaway or later after completing their Bachelor's degree in business psychology, which increases their chances of earning a higher starting salary. We assume that management consulting will be a typical interest and career goal of our students in the Business Psychology Bachelor's program,  given the attractive salary structures that are typical for the industry. Generally speaking, the salary range for business psychology graduates is broad and depends on various factors, such as the size of the company and the industry in which you work. For more information about salary and career perspectives visit our Career Center.

With a business psychology degree (Bachelor of Science), you'll have access to a wide range of positions in a large variety of industries.  Whether you want to get into marketing consumer goods, help shape the future of work in human resources, track down the latest trends in market research, or support companies with strategic changes as a consultant - this degree can be the perfect starting point for all this and much more. The scientifically based, but at the same time very practical degree program, offers you a solid education with the basics in business administration as well as in psychology. Master's degree programs also offer you the opportunity to go into one of the two subjects in greater depth and thus pave the way for even more diverse jobs in business psychology.

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