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Preparing you for the world of business.

During our three-year program, you will spend five semesters at WHU and one semester abroad. Two summer internships, one of which must be completed abroad, expand your international reach. The program concludes with the Bachelor thesis. The core modules will immerse you in all areas of psychology and business during the first semesters. A combination of electives, concentrations, seminars, and optional modules alongside a business game, internships, and time abroad will prepare you for the final part – your Bachelor thesis.

For more detailed information on the core courses per module, please see the Online Course Guide.

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Curriculum Vitae

The core courses in business and economics cover five subject areas.

  • Introduction to Business
  • Foundations of Economics
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Entrepreneurship & Innovation
  • Financial Accounting

We ensure a personal and supportive learning atmosphere by limiting each course to 40/80 students.

The core modules in psychology cover seven subject areas.

  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Motivational and Cognitive Psychology
  • Social Psychology
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Psychological Diagnostics
  • Business Pschology
  • Psychological Research Methods

Advanced modules are offered from the fourth semester onwards as these are based on the foundation of your core courses. The core courses will help you identify which areas of business psychology are of particular interest to you while the elective and concentrations help you focus further.

You can choose between different subject areas within Business or Business Psychology (e.g., Work & Organizational Psychology; Managing Diversity & Change; Marketing Comunication & Consumer Psychology).

An overview of the courses offered can be found here

The modules of this area will help you understand quantitative and research methods as well as the fundamentals of law and corporate law.

Students learn to use the statistical tools needed to understand psychological research and apply them to your own research projects. You will learn how to design your own studies, develop sound constructs, and evaluate study results.

You will also get to know the basics of law through three compulsory courses in civil law, business law, and corporate law.

This module demands out-of-the-box thinking. Courses in this module range from philosophy, psychology, and engineering to history, culture, and politics (e.g., Biotechnology; History of the Federal Republic of Germany; Fun and Games; First Responder, Coding Bootcamp; National Model United Nations; Ability to communicate; Web Development). These courses question individual behavior and the influence of emotions on human decision-making. It also focuses on important historical events and cultural/technological change. All in all, they enable students to think outside the economic box.

To broaden your knowledge in this area, optional courses are available such as Foundations of Business Taxation, Labor Law, Law of the Capital Market, and Restructuring of Companies. Upon successful completion of these additional courses, you will receive a Bucerius Law School certificate. These additional courses are only available in German.

This module focuses on ethical questions concerning individual behavior, the influence of emotions on the human decision-making process, basic philosophical questions of the present, and conflict behavior. Learning strategies and methods are addressed (e.g., Business Ethics, Ethical Decision Making & Behavior; Sustainable Mega Sport Events; Sustainability in the Textile Industry).

Language and intercultural competence are an integral part of the curriculum. You choose at least one language during your studies; however, it is possible to take a second language. We encourage international students to take German. Unless you score at least 105 points on the internet-based TOEFL test (or equivalent), you will have to take English as the mandatory language.

The following languages are regularly offered at WHU:

  • Chinese
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Spanish

Language courses are taught exclusively by native speakers. The course size varies from 6 to a maximum of 14 students.

From day one, you'll step onto our campus and be part of an international student body and mindset. Part of this experience is the semester abroad.

This will give you the opportunity to deepen your knowledge and skills, gain insight into the social, cultural, and economic environment of your host country as well as make new friends. It will expose you to a new social, cultural, and educational environment. The experience will enable you to grow on a personal and professional level, which will have an impact far beyond your studies.

WHU has a network of over 200 world-wide partner universities, where you will spend either your 4th or 5th semester. The semester abroad is a key part of your business and personal development. We also offer a number of language courses and cultural trainings to prepare you for your exchange!

You can state which destination and university you prefer, and we will do our best to accommodate your choice. If a partner university is too popular amongst students, placement decisions will be based on your performance during the first two semesters.

Our program includes two internships, which give you the chance to gain practical experience/apply your knowledge/explore different career options/possibilities for yourself. Your first internship takes place during the summer break between the/your second and third semesters. The second internship takes place between your 4th and 5th semesters. One of the internships is completed in a non-German-speaking country to help you deepen your intercultural competencies. Each internship lasts a minimum of four weeks, but we encourage you to complete longer internships (10-12 weeks) to further enrich your experience.

Our Career Center team will assist you in finding an appropriate internship and help you build your professional network starting from day one, via a broad range of activities such as counseling, training, career fairs, and company presentations.

In your final semester, you write your Bachelor thesis over the course of eight weeks. Using the academic methods that you have learned, you will demonstrate your ability to independently work on a business-related subject. Complex topics can be approached in teams of two or three students.

For more detailed information on the core courses per module, please see the Online Course Guide.

Graduation and grades

Graduation and grades –
Celebrating our graduates.

WHU Graduation Day is a memorable occasion when students are awarded their degrees and have chance to celebrate this special achievement with friends, family, and university staff. The annual graduation ceremony takes place in the fall. Our graduates have good cause to celebrate thanks to the consistently high grades they achieve. Take a look!

Final Grades Bachelor of Science 2021 (pdf)

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