Bachelor of Science (BSc)
2, at least one abroad
6 semesters | 3 years
Vallendar, Germany, partner university, & internship
English or German/English
CHE Hochschulranking 2023: Top Tier
Three unforgettable years. Two internships. One semester abroad. Small classes, big topics. And a large WHU family for life.

For who you want to be. And for everything you want to achieve. Welcome to WHU.

Why WHU is right for you

Grow with a globally recognized degree from Germany’s top business school.
Study in Germany and at any one of our 220+ excellent partner universities.
Small classes and excellent facilities ensure you have more quality time with our outstanding faculty leaders.
We are a supportive community. We offer a diverse range of student clubs and activities. And we want you to have an unforgettable three years.

Your successful career starts here

What will you learn during the program?

A broad curriculum with a focus on developing leaders.

From core modules to chosen subjects, data analysis to intercultural competence, psychology to sustainability. Your curriculum will pack six semesters with creative challenge and deep discussion.

Everything you need to know to join WHU.

Your grades are important. But they are not the only thing we’re interested in …

We require a secondary school diploma or equivalent. We need you to be proficient in English. But after that, it’s all about you – your passion, your experience, and your motivation. If that sounds good, we would love to meet you.

Funding should not stop your future.

We offer simple financing options and scholarships. We know a WHU Bachelor Program is a solid investment in your future. We believe financing should not stand in your way. Ask about our financing options and scholarships for talented candidates.

You can start something amazing. Today.

Apply online. Our system is easy-to-use. From uploading your documents to interviewing with our faculty leaders, our application process is entirely online and really simple. The best way to secure your place is to apply early. So why not begin your WHU journey today?

Be part of our close-knit community. Be part of an international family.

WHU is a supportive place to be. We take very real pride in our diverse and international student body. In our wide range of student clubs and activities. In our campus and facilities. And in every one of the thousands of lifelong friendships that started here.

Business is global. And so are we.

Don’t just learn it. Live it. Technology brings the world closer. Supply chains knit us together. Intercultural competence is a critical skill for today’s business leader. And the best way to learn it is to experience it. At WHU, you will spend one semester abroad at any one of our 220+ outstanding partner universities.

It is all about your career. And our network.

What do you want to achieve? From our award-winning career center to our international alumni network, we are always building for your life after WHU. Major employers of WHU graduates include Fortune 500 companies. While other graduates are shaping the startup scene. From here, your future looks great.

Talk with some of our current students

Alumni, in their own words

Elena Gonzalo Saul
Bachelor in International Business Administration
Class of 2023
"For me, three things make studying at WHU unique: the practice-oriented teaching style in small groups, the student initiatives, and the strong community spirit among students."
David Gazarian
Bachelor in International Business Administration
Class of 2023
"Before attending the WHU Schnuppertag, I had visited other business schools but felt like something was missing from each. At the WHU Schnuppertag, I was instantly captivated by the unique WHU spirit and while walking around campus I could see it in action: in the way students interacted with each other, how they collaborated creatively in the study rooms and how helpful all the staff was. I immediatedly felt at home and knew I wanted to study at WHU, so I began my application the following week."

WHU news und insights

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Why Should I Study in Germany?

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WHU Startup Academy Scholarship Winner Marie Schardey

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Frequently Asked Questions

BIBA is the abbreviation for Bachelor of Business Administration. This academic degree is awarded to students who have studied business administration. The standard period of study is 3 years. In the WHU degree program, you will be taught the following core content: Basic knowledge of business, sales, marketing, finance, corporate management, logistics, production and economics. From the fourth semester onwards, you can deepen your knowledge even further and specialize in the following areas: international economics, entrepreneurship, business law or sports management and event management. In addition to the core subjects, at WHU you will also benefit from numerous other events on the topics of psychology and philosophy, which will further expand your knowledge. WHU also provides you with excellent foreign language skills. During your Bachelor's program, you will choose one language from seven foreign languages. You will find more detailed information on our page: Bachelor in Business Administration - Courses & Curriculum.

With a Bachelor's degree of Business Administration, you'll have access to an almost endless range of careers in a wide variety of industries. Whether you later want to do marketing for consumer goods, plan to found your own start-up, or find stock market transactions exciting - this degree can be your perfect starting point for all this and much more. The academically based, but at the same time very practice-oriented degree program offers you a sound education in business and economics, with a focus on strategic tasks in companies. The aim of your studies at WHU is that you will later be able to manage a company or a division of a company. Postgraduate Master's programs offer the possibility of further in-depth study as well as the addition of additional subject components such as computer science, psychology, law, etc., thus creating even more Bachelor of Business Administration career options.

The career platform Stepstone.de gives an average starting salary of €35,200 for career starters with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration degree. At WHU, we do not calculate our own average for our Bachelor graduates, as the vast majority of our students either start a Master's program directly after graduating with a Bachelor's degree or continue their professional orientation in a gap year, initially with internships or an Entrepreneur-in-Residence position. An overview of the first steps after a WHU Bachelor's degree can be found here. Information on starting salaries after a Master's program at WHU can be found here. Basically, you can say that the range of Bachelor's degree of Business Administration salaries is huge. If you start at a start-up in the early stages or found your own company, you can usually not expect as much salary as if you start at a large corporation, as an analyst in investment banking or as a junior consultant in consulting. The range we see among the rather few bachelor's graduates who start their careers directly with a bachelor's degree extends from less than €35,000 to more than €65,000. 

To be able to complete a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration at WHU, you must have the following admission requirements: A university entrance qualification (e.g. IB or A-Levels), advanced English language skills and a 6-week internship. Other personal skills such as determination and organizational skills are helpful for you to successfully complete your studies.