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Bachelor in International Business Administration: Our Application and Admission Process

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Apply now. We accept applications from October 2023 until 15 May 2024.
The ‘early bird’ deadline is February 25, 2024.
Apply online. Our system is easy-to-use.
Apply early. It is the best way to secure your place.

Our admission requirements

We require a secondary school diploma or equivalent higher education entrance qualification (e.g., IB, Abitur, A-Levels).

If your secondary school diploma has not been issued by the application deadline, you may apply with your most recent mid-term report card and / or predicted grades from your final school year.

If you have any questions about your eligibility, let us know. We are here to help.

We will accept any one of the following English language tests:

We recommend that you take your English test well in advance. This will give you plenty of time to retake the test by our deadline for applications, if you do not get the required score on first attempt.

If you are graduating from an English-taught school (please note: English as a subject is not sufficient), you may be exempt from an English test. Please upload a confirmation from your school in our application portal. 

We believe in practical experience.  

Yours should be achieved through either an internship or apprenticeship. It should be a total of six weeks. And it should be in the field of business administration/management, e.g. marketing and sales, administration, finance and taxes, real estate, logistics, innovation and technology, or in areas such as communication, media, corporate social responsibility or sustainability.

Your internship can be completed in a start-up, small to medium-sized company or corporation.

This practical experience can also be a combination of multiple internships lasting at least two weeks each. We cannot consider internships that were completed more than two years ago or in your own family business.

The internship(s) must be completed before the start of the program.

Our simple 3-step application process

1 Step 1: Apply online.

Please review our WHU Program Bachelor Program Admission Requirements and read through the required application documents. Then complete the following steps.

Now you can get started:

You may be eligible to apply for the recognition and crediting of external achievements. Please view our information sheet on the recognition and crediting of external achievements for more information.

As soon as we have reviewed all application materials, we invite qualified candidates to participate in the final admission round. Your grades are important, but they are not the only thing we are interested in. We select candidates based on academic performance as well as personal characteristics and extracurricular activities.

In this step, we want to learn more about you. The admission round is entirely online and consists of three parts:

  • An analytical test (sample questions, pdf). Please find a sample quiz to test your skills here.
  • An assessment (a presentation and questions about your personality and motivation)
  • One-on-one interviews

We usually make our decision within a week, following your one-on-one interview. You will receive the result via email.

You can reserve your study offer for a year if you are planning a gap year after school (e.g. for work and travel, internship, au-pair). In this case, you can also defer submission of your English certificate and proof of work experience until the following year.

Taking a gap year? Work&Travel, Au-pair, Voluntary Social Year?

It is possible to apply early!

If you are graduating but still wish to take a year off, no problem - apply early! You can submit the proof of your internship and English language skills later on.

Our online application portal is now open!

What our students say?

Tara Zerwas
Bachelor in International Business Administration
Class of 2022
"Not only the high-quality lectures by the excellent professors but also the numerous initiatives make WHU a pleasant learning environment. The student clubs offer all students the opportunity to represent their interests through their broad spectrum of orientations."