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You would like to study, but don't know exactly which degree program is right for you? Would you like to learn more about the different degrees? Then you've come to the right place! In this article, you will learn everything about studying a Bachelor of Science at university, the Bachelor of Science meaning, which Bachelor of Science degree programs are available, or what starting salary you can expect with this degree.
Five WHU Bachelor of Science Program students sit in a lecture hall.

What is a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)?

The Bachelor of Science is a highly professional degree. The branch of science can vary and ranges, for example, from natural sciences to economics. Depending on the branch, you will have different learning contents in your studies. You can also complete a business degree at university with a Bachelor of Arts B.A., but the Bachelor of Science program focuses more on the scientific aspects rather than the social sciences. The Bachelor of Science abbreviation is BSc. The Bachelor of Science is studied at a university (or business school with university status) and is completed with a scientific thesis. This bachelor's thesis entitles graduates to earn an academic degree. Most bachelor's degree programs in Germany have a standard period of study of six semesters.

What Bachelor of Science degree programs are there in general?

As mentioned above, there are different Bachelor of Science degree programs and you can specialize in specific fields. These include:

  • Bachelor of Science in Business Psychology
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Science in Sport Management
  • Bachelor of Science in Event Management
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Law
  • Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management
  • Bachelor of Science in Engineering
  • Bachelor of Science in Accountancy

As a student, you can specialize in the area that interests you the most. The Bachelor of Science program is especially suitable for you if you are interested in technology or science. The Bachelor programs all have a similar structure. The initial phase of your studies is the basic study, in which you learn the fundamental elements of knowledge. This is followed by the postgraduate studies, in which the basics are taken up once again to deepen and expand them. And finally, it's up to you: In the in-depth module you choose your specialization! Would you rather go in the direction of accounting, business psychology or perhaps administration? The Bachelor of Science (Bsc.) program is really very diverse and that's why it's so popular.

What Bachelor of Science programs are available at WHU?

The Bachelor of Science is very popular, especially because future career opportunities are very good. Companies also like to see applicants with such a degree, as they are considered to be well qualified in their chosen areas of specialization. At WHU, you also have the choice between different programs leading to a Bachelor of Science degree: We offer two bachelor programs: the Bachelor in International Business Administration and the Bachelor in Business Psychology. In both programs, you will study for six semesters, including a semester abroad and internships (one of which is abroad). During your stay abroad you can train your intercultural skills and establish new networks, so that you later bring special knowledge to your profession. Our programs are all full-time, so it is not possible to complete your bachelor’s degree in business administration while working with a dual study program in business administration. However, WHU offers you multiple career opportunities through our two bachelor programs and the opportunity to complete a master's program after your studies.

What are the requirements for admission to a Bachelor of Science degree program?

The requirements for a Bachelor of Science degree at a university or business school usually have some similarities, while others  have additional requirements for certain courses. To start a degree program, you usually need a high school diploma or other equivalent qualification. In addition, as a Bachelor of Science requirement, you must provide proof of your English language skills and at least six weeks of professional experience either in an internship or via an apprenticeship. Foreign language skills are very important in international communication as well as during your stay abroad and in your later professional life. You can prove your language level with different certificates or tests, for example with your score in the TOEFL iBT.

At WHU, the requirements for studying one of our bachelor programs are as follows:

  • Entry level qualification i.e. a secondary school diploma i.e. IB, Abitur, or A-Levels.
  • Proof of English proficiency
  • Practical experience i.e. multiple internships or apprenticeship amounting to a total of six weeks

What is the salary with a Bachelor of Science?

It is helpful to know what to expect regarding the Bachelor of Science salary following graduation. Since you are graduating with a degree, you can expect a good salary in your chosen profession. Of course, it also depends on your employer and your work experience. The Bachelor of Science starting salary for WHU graduates is usually €3,500 per month. 28% of WHU bachelor's graduates also choose to study for a master’s degree afterwards in order to further increase their career opportunities and salary prospects. With a bachelor's degree, work experience, and access to the WHU network you also have the opportunity to take the step into self-employment. In fact, 5% of bachelor graduates go on to start their own companies. For more information, you can visit our Career Center.

What can I do with a bachelor´s degree in science?

The Bachelor of Science career opportunities are very diverse and as your work experience increases, so does your salary. With your professional qualifications, you can work in a variety of fields, depending on the area of science in which you studied. For example, jobs in psychology, architecture or aerospace engineering are among the possible Bachelor of Science jobs. Many graduates also work in traditional business administration. WHU also has a Career Center, which provides you with optimal support on your way into professional life and is always available to answer any questions you may have. Part of this program is, for example, the Career Day, where you can get to know various companies from different industries and thus perhaps also potential employers. In addition, we offer the "Founders Career Day". This is a day when former students visit the campus to promote their own companies that they have built up on their own. Since WHU enjoys a high reputation, it makes sense to get professionals directly from the source. The offers of our Career Center can help you to find your interests, to plan your goals for the long term, to get internships or to facilitate your entry into the professional world after graduation. Bachelor of Science careers as well as post-Master's opportunities are vast and as a graduate with a Bachelor's degree, after 6 semesters you have the choice of which path to take. Whether you start your career directly after your Bachelor's degree at the university, or a dual Master, Master of Science or Master of Arts should follow, you will be perfectly prepared by us for the working world and can work your way up from a specialist to a manager.

What is the difference between Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts?

The Bachelor of Science program is more in the scientific and mathematical area, whereas the Bachelor of Arts focuses on the social sciences. Professions that can be completed with a Bachelor of Arts degree are in the field of media, cultural studies or philosophy. The duration of study at the university is the same for both subjects, namely 6 semesters, and both require a scientific paper, the Bachelor's thesis, to successfully complete the program. This is written at the end of the study period.

Is business administration a B.A. or B.Sc. degree?

The study of business administration can be completed with a Bachelor of Science as well as with a Bachelor of Arts. As described above, the focus of the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science programs differ. Nevertheless, both degrees are equally respected and offer graduates a successful career in all areas of business. Now, which degree is right for you depends on your personal abilities and goals. The Bachelor in International Business Administration is a Bachelor of Science degree program, as is our Bachelor in Business Psychology.  For more information about majors and content, check out our program pages.