Business Administration at WHU: – This is where your entry into an international career begins!

How do you make economic decisions within a company? What part do logistics and the supply chain play in business success? Where would be the best location for your start-up? Suppose you are curious about the details that characterize business management. In that case, the WHU Bachelor in International Business Administration is the right choice for you!

Studying business administration at WHU: 10 questions and answers that will help you to decide whether to study or not

Are you interested in studying business administration but still unsure whether it’s the right choice? Find out more below on the content, degree, and career prospects for students in the bachelor program at WHU..

What is business administration?

Business administration is a sub-discipline of economics. It focuses on analyzing corporate management and governance processes and converting them into economically sensible recommendations for action.

If you study business administration, you will deal with questions regarding the economical handling of goods and investments and the scaling of companies. A distinction is made between areas that fall under corporate management and those that are part of the performance system. The steering system includes, for example, accounting and controlling, and the performance system includes tasks in procurement and sales, production, and logistics.

What can you do with a bachelor’s degree in business administration?

With a degree in business administration, you can enter a wide variety of business administration roles. Typical business administration jobs are, for example, key account managers, managers in sales management or accounting, management consultants, controllers, supply chain managers, or marketing managers. However, it can also be helpful for other roles, such as sports or event management.

You usually enter the profession in a junior or trainee position so that you can expand and deepen your knowledge. Alternatively, after completing your bachelor’s degree in business administration, you can also decide to do a master’s degree in business administration or a master’s degree with a specialization.

What is the goal of business administration?

Business administration aims to enable a company to act with economic efficiency. In detail, the objectives depend on the structure of the company or institution for which you are working. The position you hold there also determines your specific tasks.

In general, however, the objective can be derived from business administration’s theoretical and practical parts because the theory deals with analyzing economic activity in a business context. Practice transfers this knowledge to the level of decision-making and action so that complex relationships are mapped in a comprehensive strategy and implemented efficiently.

What does general business administration include?

General business administration deals with the planning, organization, and financing or accounting of companies. At WHU, these basics are taught in so-called core courses so that in addition to the basics in economics, you will also acquire knowledge of marketing and sales, finance and external accounting, production and logistics, and other subject areas.

In addition, you can broaden your perspective, for example, by dealing with topics such as sustainability, risk management, or ethics.

Is business administration challenging to study?

Professional interest, willingness to perform, and suitability are the requirements for studying, regardless of whether you choose philosophy or business administration. And as in any field of study, some content will be more accessible for you to understand and some more challenging.

To complete the business administration course, you need an excellent knowledge of English and a basic understanding of mathematical calculations and economic issues. A six-week internship is one of the admission requirements so that you know what you are getting into before you start your studies.

How much does a business administration graduate earn?

The starting salary for business administration graduates is around €36,000 on average. Depending on your qualifications, the industry, the company’s size, and the location, your business administration salary can double with increasing professional experience.

Accounting and sales positions are often particularly well-paid. You may also like to become self-employed in management consulting. In this case, your earning potential will depend particularly heavily on which sectors you specialize in and how good your negotiating skills are. Top earners achieve incomes of around €80,000 and more.

How long is a business administration degree?

In principle, the following applies to business administration degrees Duration (full-time): 6 to 8 semesters. Some universities offer part-time courses, which extend the total duration. And, of course, illness or other life events can mean you need more time for the bachelor’s degree.

At WHU, you can earn a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration within six semesters. The three-year course includes two internships, at least one completed abroad.

What is the difference between economics and business administration?

Economics and business administration are sub-disciplines of the economic sciences whose subject areas overlap. The difference between economics and business administration lies in the issues and fields of action.

For example, both subjects can deal with the cost-effectiveness of energy transition measures. In economics, the focus is on the economic benefit of such actions. How do they influence the overall economy within a geographically defined economic area? What government or private sector investments are required?

On the other hand, business administration deals with aspects relevant to an industry or a specific company.

What is the content of international business administration?

The content of the business administration degree can vary greatly depending on your focus. But some topics are mandatory for business administration content. At WHU, you will acquire in-depth knowledge of

• Marketing and sales,

• Finance and commercial law,

• Logistics and production,

• Corporate leadership and management, as well as other relevant subject subjects.

What degree do you receive in business administration?

The business administration course at WHU concludes with a bachelor’s degree in international business administration. The official designation is Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.). WHU also offers a Bachelor in Business Psychology which combines organizational psychology with a solid understanding of management.

Suppose you have completed your studies and want to start your career immediately. In that case, WHU’s dedicated Career Center and international network will benefit you and support you on your professional journey. If you decide to do a postgraduate degree, you can qualify for senior management by completing one of WHU’s five master’s programs.