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In cooperation with the Bucerius Law School in Hamburg, you have the opportunity to complete additional courses and receive a certificate in business law.

Lectures take place at WHU in Vallendar.

The Bachelor Program curriculum includes basic courses in civil law as well as business and commercial law. As part of our cooperation with Bucerius Law School in Hamburg, you can choose to earn additional credits through taking courses in corporate tax law, labor law, capital market law and corporate restructuring (advanced courses only offered in German).

With the additional certificate, your profile will become much more attractive to future employers who prefer to employ business economists with legal knowledge. Additional knowledge in the legal field is also a big plus when setting up and establishing your own company.

Frequently Asked Questions –
Wirtschaftsrecht im Study business law in a bachelor's degree.

The meaning of business law can be explained in such a way that business is always connected with legal issues. This also facilitates professional activities later, since a lawyer does not have to be consulted in every situation. The business law courses at WHU are run in cooperation with Bucerius Law School in Hamburg, which offers you additional qualifications. As a graduate, your everyday professional life will include tasks in commercial law as well as civil and business law. Furthermore, there are additional courses in which you can further your education: Corporate Tax Law, Labour Law and Capital Markets Law.

After your bachelor’s degree in business law, you can also obtain a master's degree. The bachelor's program comprises six semesters and the degree is obtained by completing an academic thesis. If you want to start your career directly afterwards, you can work in different areas, for example in management consulting, data protection and security, in public relations or in founding a start-up. There are many more job opportunities waiting for you after you graduate!

The standard duration of a degree program in Business Law (degree: Bachelor of Science) is six semesters. In this degree program, you also have the opportunity to specialize and acquire additional certificates that will increase your career opportunities for your future profession. The Business Law program is especially interesting if you plan to start your own business.

With a bachelor’s degree in business law, you can pursue numerous careers in business law. Whether you want to start a business yourself or help others advance their business, there are countless career options open to you. For example, you can work in insolvency administration as a project manager or you can work as a tax advisor, auditor, or legal manager.

The business law salary cannot be determined across the board, as it depends on your qualifications, your experience and your employer. Your starting salary is on average €3,000. (Source link: https://www.gehaltsvergleich.com/gehalt/Bachelor-of-Business-Law-Wirtschaftsrecht) If you are self-employed, you will usually earn more than if you are employed by a company.

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