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Learning by doing – Helping you become a succesful Sport Manager.

In the WHU Bachelor programs, we provide you with the skills you require to embark on a successful sport management career in today's business world. In addition to the Center for Sports and Management, you have the opportunity to gain the necessary qualifications by actively planning and participating in WHU Euromasters, the largest sports festival for business schools in Europe.

Additionally, WHU allows you to tailor your future career by offering a broad curriculum, two internships, an international exchange semester, and a final thesis.

Frequently asked questions –
Study Sport Management at Bachelor level.

To become a sports manager, you must complete a sports management degree or a business degree with a focus on sports management. WHU’s Bachelor in International Business Administration with concentrations in Sports Economics (degree: Bachelor of Science) has a standard duration of 6 semesters and ends with a final thesis. In addition, there are internships, semesters abroad and participation in the WHU Euromasters program.

The tasks of a sports manager are very versatile. In your Bachelor of Sports Management or in the Bachelor of Administration with focus on sports management, you learn to combine the organizational and planning tasks that you learn in the field of business administration with the special sporting requirements of clubs and associations. Sports management also includes marketing and sponsoring as well as personnel management.

As with any bachelor’s degree program, the duration of a sports management degree is usually 6 semesters. During your studies, you also have the chance to study abroad and gain international qualifications. At the end of your studies, you will write your academic thesis as your final degree.

With a sports management degree, the world is open to you in the sports sector! After graduating with a bachelor’s degree, you have the option of going straight into professional life, or alternatively, you can add on a master’s degree in sports management to further expand your career opportunities. Sports management professions are broad and range from personnel management to club or association management. Wouldn't it be nice to be the manager of your favorite sports club? The trend today is also moving more and more towards eSports and there are also some jobs there that sports management graduates can apply for.

Your salary as a sports manager changes depending on whether you start your career after graduating with a bachelor’s degree or whether you also do a master's degree. You also have the opportunity to climb the ladder of success and increase your career opportunities if you continue your education. Over time, you will also gain more experience, which in turn will affect your salary. However, starting salaries for sports managers are on average €3,200. (Source link: www.gehalt.de/beruf/sportmanager).

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