Bachelor Programs: Student experience -
Three amazing years

Do more than learn a little. And live a lot. A Bachelor’s at WHU is three years of excitement, enthusiasm, curiosity, passionate debate, and vibrant community.

We are international. We are close-knit. And we are as proud of our award-winning, career-focused curriculum as we are of our – frankly – incredible range of extracurricular activities.

Discover WHU. Discover you.

Diverse, vibrant, exciting: Our student experience

Think small: Only 240 students per year on our Bachelor’s Programs
Think big: Experience the world and spend a semester abroad
Think small: We are a vibrant, supportive, and close-knit campus community
Think big: With a huge and diverse range of student clubs

Our students and alumni, in their own words

Tara Zerwas
Bachelor in International Business Administration
Class of 2022
"Not only the high-quality lectures by the excellent professors but also the numerous initiatives make WHU a pleasant learning environment. The student clubs offer all students the opportunity to represent their interests through their broad spectrum of orientations."
Emma Gonzalo
Bachelor in International Business Administration
Class of 2022
"There is nothing like the WHU spirit. It unites people everywhere and anywhere, it motivates you to strive for passion and it will always make you feel at home."

Student clubs – The heart and soul of our student community.

We do not say this lightly. Community is vital to WHU. And our student clubs are vital to our community.

Explore interests and discover new ones. Make friendships that will last a lifetime. Refine your leadership and organizational skills.

Most importantly, get involved.

Whether you love sports, the theater, music, entrepreneurship, debating – there truly is something for everyone! 

Just some of our Bachelor student clubs

WHU Campus Vallendar: Innovation, tradition, connection.

WHU’s state-of-the-art campus is located in Vallendar, a well-connected town in the Upper Middle Rhine Valley – a UNESCO World Heritage Site teeming with historic villages, fairytale castles, and towering vineyards.

We are a small, close-knit community, with a diverse and international student body.

And while we think globally, our wide-ranging accommodation options are all within walking distance. 

Physical health and mental wellbeing

It is hard to do well if you are not well. We are here to help.

We want every one of our students to take care of their physical health and mental wellbeing while they are with us. We know that some may struggle.

Student Counselling at WHU aims to support students with any personal or academic challenges they may be facing during their studies – from adapting to a new culture, or managing workload, to finding new friends.

This is an entirely confidential service. Counsellors are available on campus throughout the week.

Celebrating our graduates: Graduation day and grades.

Graduation Day at WHU is an event. An occasion. A day to remember!

After three exciting years with us, students are awarded their degrees, and have chance to celebrate their achievement with friends, family, and university staff.

Our annual graduation ceremony takes place in the fall. And WHU graduates have good cause for celebration thanks to their consistently high grades. Take a look…