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Building your career on a strong foundation.

take a gap year

  • Internships
  • Travel/work abroad
  • Entrepreneurial projects
  • Volunteering

enter the workforce

  • 7% in Banking and Finance
  • 7% in Industry and Services
  • 5% in Consulting
  • 3% at Start-up and Online Businesses

continue education

  • 15% of them continue their studies at WHU
  • 13% of them study at another university

found their own companies

*First steps after graduation (2018-2022)

Alumni career paths

Meet our alumni –
Bachelor graduates share their stories.

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BSc 2012, from nearby Frankfurt am Main (Germany)

“Thanks to the vast variety of companies in the Career Center network I was able to try different industries (consumer goods, consulting, banking, start-up) during my internships and in the end ended up with the company I got to know in my very first week at WHU during a company presentation: Bain & Company. Make the best use of everything the Career Center has to offer (fairs, presentations, networking events, etc.) to find out what you are professionally most interested in.”

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BSc 2017, from Mayen (Germany)

“Even two years after graduating I still feel super-close to WHU. The WHU network plays an important role in my professional and private life: I’m extremely thankful for the people I got and get to know.”

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BSc 2012, from Velbert (Germany)

“When I started studying at WHU, I had a lot of different ideas about future career options. The many events on campus where I met company representatives from a wide range of industries and various types of companies really helped me to develop a clearer picture of potential jobs. Moreover, personal interaction conveys a lot about corporate culture and gives you a feeling for where you might fit in. Therefore, I already felt very confident that I was on the right track when I started my professional career directly after my bachelor's degree. Even now, I am still in contact with the Career Center to exchange ideas with current students about starting in industry roles and like to offer them insights into my working world, just as other alumni have offered them to me in the past.”

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BSc 2017, MSc 2020 (MiF) from Düsseldorf (Germany)

“WHU showed me that it is important to understand which way I could go rather than which way I should follow.”

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BSc 2012, MSc 2014 (MiM), Doctoral Program 2018, from Mönchengladbach (Germany)

“The WHU Career Center was of tremendous value to me during my studies at WHU. The numerous career events allowed me to gain insights into many fields, which was complemented by the personal career advice as well as the broad network of the Career Center.”

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