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Whether you are completely undecided or already have a specific career path in mind, we will support you along each step of the journey – from finding your first internship to leaving WHU with a solid plan for your professional development.

  1. We organize dozens of diverse activities each year, ranging from company presentations, career fairs, and networking dinners
  2. We offer on-campus interviews and individual career counseling.
  3. We work with alumni and corporate partners to offer you valuable insight into the many facets of professional life and create exciting networking opportunities.
Career statistics

Career statistics at a glance –
Profiles of the average Bachelor class.

take a gap year

enter the workforce

continue education

found their own companies

*First steps after graduation (2018-2022)

Our services at a glance

Service oriented –
Developing professional relationships.

Recruiting fairs

We host three major career fairs per year, all with a different focus and company roster. Each event starts with short introductions to give you a first impression of the companies, and then moves to a fair where you can engage directly with representatives about opportunities for internships, thesis projects, and full-time jobs.

Career Day in September targets companies that recruit intermittently at or are new to WHU. The mix of companies ensures there is always something of interest for everyone. 2022 participants included Allianz, BASF, Capgemini Invent Germany, Mastercard, METRO, Procter & Gamble, UBS and valantic.

Founders Career Day in November is our most dynamic fair and a large source of internships for Bachelor students. Alumni return to campus to recruit for their own ventures, ranging from brand new start-ups to well-established companies. With career speed dating—short, one-on-one meetings with each company—and on-campus interviews, you have the chance to demonstrate your skills and possibly secure an internship offer directly. Future entrepreneurs can also gain valuable insights and even meet prospective entrepreneurial partners. 2022 participating companies included Alteos, crealytics GmbH, Enpal, Liberty Ventures, Natsana, Patronus Group, ProjectTogether, Tourlane und VictoriaPartners.

Master Your Career in January highlights our long-time partner companies, mostly in industry and services. While offering more sophisticated networking formats for Master students, the presentations, fair, and career speed dating for advanced Bachelor students provide great opportunities to discover mutual interest with company representatives. Attendees in 2023 included Accenture, adidas, Allianz, BASF, Bertelsmann, Deichmann, Henkel, Kearney and Singular.

Other career services

A broad range of companies presents on campus throughout the year to meet and recruit students. Senior managers and junior employees, including many alumni, as well as HR officers, share their first-hand knowledge of operations, corporate culture, and hiring processes.

Companies hold special presentations the same night for first-semester students, which help you become familiar with new industries, understand the bigger “business” picture, and provide the opportunity to ask more detailed questions. From the second semester onward, you will be able to make connections with company representatives and learn more about their organizations in an informal dinner setting in our renowned vaulted cellar.

In addition, we organize workshops that bring companies together with small groups of students to explore case studies. These events allow students to gain deeper insights into companies in a more intimate setting and make a memorable first impression.

Presentations and workshops in 2020-2021: Allianz Inhouse Consulting, Bain & Company, Bank of America, BCG Boston Consulting Group, Bertelsmann, Credit Suisse, EY-Parthenon, Goldman Sachs, Horváth & Partners, J.P. Morgan, Kuehne + Nagel, Lohfert & Lohfert, McKinsey, Monitor Deloitte, Oliver Wyman, Perella Weinberg Partners, Procter & Gamble, Roland Berger, Simon-Kucher & Partners, SMP AG, Strategy&, thyssenkrupp Management Consulting, Volkswagen Consulting.

We send a weekly newsletter tailored to each Bachelor class about upcoming career events, programs with our partner companies, and recent posts in our job database. Companies post hundreds of internships and jobs each year to our internal database.

During your final year, you will create a profile for our student CV database that partner companies can use to identify interesting profiles and invite students for individual interviews, recruiting events on and off campus, and specific position openings.

In your first semester, we organize and hold an application training event in partnership with professionals from renowned companies. Throughout your time at WHU, we invite you to come in and discuss your career plans and questions in a personal and confidential career counseling session. We are also available to give feedback on your application documents. We have an open-door policy, which means there are no fixed office hours and you do not necessarily need an appointment to meet with us.

We publish extensive resources, templates, and guidance on career topics on our internal platform. These will help you in searching for internship and job offers, creating convincing application documents, and preparing for interviews.

At WHU, we have a long-standing tradition of students helping each other, which we support by facilitating the exchange of internship information. Many students voluntarily provide information about their internships on our internal platform as well as indicate whether they are available to answer individual questions.

Alumni are a key part of the close-knit WHU community. We foster relationships among students and alumni by cooperating closely with the In Praxi alumni association, which has 6,000-plus members corresponding to more than 90% of graduates. Alumni often participate in recruiting events on campus, and the strong network plays a large role in your search for internships, jobs, or even partners for entrepreneurial projects. In addition, we sometimes organize informal dialogues with alumni about their personal experiences and career paths.

Student Spotlights

Meet our alumni –
Bachelor graduates share their stories.

Anju, BSc 2012

Ich kann nur empfehlen, alles zu nutzen, was das Career Center anbietet, um herauszufinden, was dich beruflich am meisten interessiert!

Henrik, BSc 2017

Das WHU Netzwerk spielt eine wichtige Rolle in meinem Leben - beruflich wie privat: Ich bin unglaublich dankbar für die Leute, die ich kennen lernen durfte und noch immer darf!

Philipp, BSc 2017

Die WHU hat mir gezeigt, dass es wichtig ist zu verstehen, welchen Weg ich gehen kann und nicht welchem ich folgen soll.


Frequently asked questions –
Additional career-related information.

Please find below commonly asked questions and answers about the WHU Career Center and services we offer.

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Last year, nearly 60 companies in consulting, banking and financial services, large industry and services, German small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and start-ups participated in our events on Campus Vallendar. Most top-tier consultancies and investment banks recruit here every year, and several large industrials regularly participate in our fairs (see information above on fairs for current examples). Companies also support student events such as Campus for Finance and other “Campus for” conferences, forumWHU, IdeaLab!, and SensAbility.

Internships range across industries, companies, and locations depending on individual interests and needs. Banking and finance, marketing and sales, business development, strategy and consulting, and supply chain management are all common sectors. A large group of students also intern with start-ups.

You will have two mandatory internship periods as a Bachelor student, each a minimum of 4 weeks. One of the internships must be outside of the German-speaking region. Most students do 10-12 weeks in the summer between May and August, depending on their class schedule, exchange semester, and vacation plans.

Pre-internships range across business-related industries, companies, and functions, similar to internships completed during the study program. Very often, candidates find pre-internships in smaller or mid-sized companies in their hometown or region.

Unfortunately, we cannot help finding pre-internships due to limited capacity. Moreover, only enrolled students receive access to our resources on WHU’s intranet, including the job database. Our colleagues in the admissions office can provide written confirmation that a pre-internship is mandatory for admission to WHU – just send an email to bachelor(at) Sometimes this helps companies adhere to their internal guidelines and regulations.

Our job database regularly features international internships and jobs, and we inform all of our partner companies about this specific student interest and need. Companies visiting WHU usually represent the German branches and often recruit mainly for the German-speaking market. One main exception is that most international banks come with their European recruitment teams. Some companies that come to campus, especially large industrials with international operations and accelerators/venture groups with portfolio companies abroad, may recruit for international internships alongside their traditional offers.

After each internship, you will write a report that can then be read by fellow students. Students are often also available to answer individual inquiries about their internships. Very often, students can open doors for each other and provide valuable practical advice about the international internship experience.

When considering where to go, do not forget that you need permission to work legally in that country. We cannot assist with work visas – you should arrange that directly with your employer. Non-EU citizens may face additional challenges in Europe since the German student visa only allows you to work in Germany (and not other EU countries).

More and more Bachelor students are deciding to take a gap year after graduation rather than directly continuing their education or entering the workplace. The possibilities for a gap year are endless, but many graduates use this time to clarify their professional interests through several internships or gain additional practical experience, develop entrepreneurial projects, travel, or work for nonprofit organizations. A number of our partner companies also organize attractive and popular gap year programs.

WHU’s alumni organization In Praxi has more than 4,500 members corresponding to over 90% of graduates from all programs. Our alumni are active across all industries including consulting, banking and financial services, industry and services, small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and family business, as well as some in non profit organizations, public service, and academia. WHU has a strong history of entrepreneurship and we count a number of founders among our alumni. While the majority of our alumni live in Germany, the network covers more than 65 countries across six continents. With nearly 30 regional chapters and increasing, In Praxi organizes events for local members around the world.

The student visa allows non-EU citizens to complete their mandatory internships in Germany, as well as work for an additional 120 days per calendar year while enrolled at WHU. Due to the program’s intensity, it is unrealistic to pursue part-time employment during the semester. EU citizens (plus Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland) have unrestricted access to the labor market in Germany and the rest of the EU.

In general, non-EU citizens can remain in Germany to look for employment for 18 months after graduation and are entitled to work in a business-related field. Check the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs for up-to-date information on work eligibility.

Without question, the more German you speak, the more opportunities you will have. Prospects differ by industry, company, and position. Regardless of German skills, companies here look for candidates with strong intercultural competence who will succeed in the local workplace.

All top-tier consultancies and most banks require business fluency; some specialized consultancies will consider candidates with solid but not fluent German. Select business areas, such as transaction advisory, or more specialized financial services firms may hire students with limited German skills. Large industrial companies and medium-sized “hidden champions” that compete globally may also be flexible, depending on the company, sector, and functional area. Start-ups, especially in Berlin, are often open to those with limited German.

It is possible to become business fluent in German during the three-year program, but requires a lot of discipline. WHU offers free German courses for students at various levels. Improving your German as much as possible is imperative if you plan to stay here after graduation, as every increase will open more employment opportunities. An additional option for international students is to take an intensive German course after graduation.

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