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Customized Master in Management and Entrepreneurship –

Tailored to high-potential professionals.

Going beyond the classroom –
A unique Master program for professionals.

Designed to be integrative and complementary, the Customized Master in Management and Entrepreneurship Program, allows participants from cooperating firms to study in parallel to their current employment. Our one-year part-time program offers tailor-made professional development for high-potential employees, who wish to maximize their impact within a business by pursuing a Master degree. Constructed to enable graduates in tackling fundamental as well as atypical issues in rapidly changing business environments, participants approach important topics surrounding management and central business functions, technology, and entrepreneurship.

  1. Selective: Combine the best of WHU’s Master Programs with one part-time, customized degree.
  2. Flexible:  Study in parallel to existing employment.
  3. Varied: Class locations in Vallendar and Berlin, with mandatory participation in a module abroad.
  4. Practical: Focus on relevant content to progress professional needs and goals.
  5. International: Understand business opportunities and management challenges in an international context.
  6. Connective: Develop professional relationships: WHU students benefit from a rich and diverse alumni network.
Program structure

Supporting the workforce –
A flexible approach to career progression.

During the Customized Master in Management and Entrepreneurship Program, students will have the opportunity to develop key leadership, strategic, and entrepreneurial skills whilst benefiting from tailor-made financing designed individually with their sponsor company. Throughout the course, they will gain hands-on, practical knowledge of specific tools and abilities applicable to their respective fields and engage with crucial themes such as entrepreneurial selling and digital technology strategy.

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With the 13-month part-time customized program, students participate in an intensive learning process where they are able to rapidly apply new knowledge to current business situations.

Students choose to attend online courses in the first two months as part of the preparatory self-study module, introducing key concepts and principles in areas of Quantitative Methods, Strategy, Finance, and Financial Accounting. Consisting of videos, lectures, and assignments, the module allows students to build a solid foundation needed for business education, and is entirely independent of where the student sets time and location.

  1. Developing an Entrepreneurial Mindset – approaching idea generation, opportunity recognition, business plans, and overcoming resistance.
  2. Managing the Human Side of Organizations – examining essential aspects of team and leadership matters in organizations, and personnel processes.
  3. Advanced Financial Accounting – accounting theory, financial and information economics, and agency theory.
  4. Digital Technology Strategy – case studies and workshops connecting digital insights to professional context.
  5. Operations in eCommerce – step-by-step in engaging team strategy deployment in start-ups and enterprises.
  6. Entrepreneurial Selling – targeting consumer vs small business vs big enterprise: defining and communicating the value proposition and sales techniques.
  7. Advanced Controlling – insights into specific control systems, tools and contemporary management accounting practices
  8. Entrepreneurial Finance – examining new venture financing options and risk management tools.

In addition to an extensive curriculum, students participate in an additional module abroad. The international component takes place over one week. Based in Tel Aviv, Israel, the module focusses purely on cultural immersion to broaden perspectives, with the option to capitalize on networking opportunities with local top management.

The Master thesis is designed to demonstrate that CMiME students, while working on their own, are able to comprehend complex problems in the field of business and economics using a combination of both conventional and new methodological and theoretical techniques within their field of study. During a specified period, the completed final thesis should fulfill general academic requirements and be of a suitably high standard. The time allowed for writing the final thesis is three months.

This time begins once lectures for modules 1-8 are complete.

Admission requirements:

  • Bachelor degree in business (or in related fields)
  • Minimum of 1 year professional working experience
  • International experience of at least 3 months
  • Language skills in English certified by standardized test or equivalent verification (e.g. nationality, semester abroad, business language)
  • Analytical skills (GMAT/GRE/TM-BASE or equivalent verifications, e.g. WHU internal analytical test)
  • Candidate is working for a cooperating company

Admission process:

The selection of the candidates for admission to the Customized Master of Management and Entrepreneurship Program is a two-phase process. In the first phase, the company shortlists applicants who satisfy the admission requirements. In the second phase, qualified applicants apply electronically via the WHU online portal and participate in two interviews.

Apply Online

To start your application you need to create an application account. Once logged in, you will receive further instructions on filling out the various fields. You do not have to complete the online application at once, but you will have the opportunity to take a break, save the information you have entered, and come back to it later. Your completed application must be submitted within two weeks of starting the application and should include:

  • WHU online application
  • CMiME Questionnaire
    The questionnaire should be filled out, signed, and uploaded with other supporting documents via our online application portal.
  • Supporting documents checklist
    Students must submit documentation in support of their application. These documents can include upper secondary school transcripts, university transcripts, and English test results. The documents should be scanned and uploaded.

After having evaluated your documents, qualified candidates receive an invite to a video-recorded interview on Kira Talent. Kira Talent is an online platform that allows us to record questions as well as the answers of the candidates.

Together with the invitation, we will send you a link for Kira Talent as well as further information on the interview via e-mail. You have one week to complete the interview. As the interview will be recorded, you can decide when you want to complete it within the given time frame of one week. Please note that once you begin the interview, it is not possible to pause it. In total, the interview should take around 15 minutes.

As a last step in the application process, you will be invited to a personal interview either in Berlin or via Skype. The interview will take place shortly after we have evaluated your Kira Interview.

We will inform you if your application has been successful or not within 3 weeks of the interview. If your application has been successful, the final phase is to officially accept our offer and sign the study contract.

*Conditions of Study

Participants: agree to invest three weeks of their annual vacation in the program

Companies: agree to support the final Master thesis as a company project / to release participants from daily work for at least three weeks during the program according to the course schedule

Invest in the future – financing the next step

    Included in tuition fees:

    • All books and materials
    • Accommodation and half-board during the international module
    • Meals and refreshments on lecture days in Vallendar and Berlin

    The tuition fee is payable as follows:

    • 1.000€              with nomination of the student by the company
    • 14.500€            after the start of studies on March 1
    • 14.500€            on September 1
    CMiME Program
    Each company with their employees can design the tuition fee-financing schedule individually
    *Please note

    The tuition fee does not include airfare or travel expenses during the international modules, or accommodation in Vallendar or Berlin.


    Expert faculty with a modern approach –
    Teaching inquiring minds to make an impact.

    Meet our outstanding faculty, providing academic support and a wealth of practical experience, who are actively engaged in research that allows us to incorporate the latest findings in the business world into our curriculum.

    Take a look at the profiles of our expert faculty:

    WHU Dries Faems Faculty Master

    Professor Dr. Dries Faems
    Chairholder of Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Technological Transformation
    Innovation and Organization
    Technological Transformation

    Professor Dr. Fabiola Gerpott
    Chair of Leadership
    Emergent Leadership & Leader-Follower Dynamics
    Leader Communication
    (Age) Diversity & Knowledge Management

    Professor Dr. Arnd Huchzermeier
    Chair of Production Management
    Management-Quality and Industrial Excellence
    Future Supply Chains in the Consumer Goods Industry
    Global Supply Chain and Risk Management

    WHU Ove Jensen Faculty Master

    Professor Dr. Ove Jensen
    Chairholder of Sales Management and B2B Marketing
    B2B Marketing
    Personal Selling
    Sales Management

    Professor Dr. Garen Markarian
    Chair of Financial Accounting
    Financial Accounting
    Corporate Finance
    Private Equity

    Professor Dr. Serden Ozcan
    Chair of Innovation and Corporate Transformation
    Evolution of Firms
    Competitive Strategies and Strategic Renewal
    Growth Ecosystems

    Professor Dr. Marko Reimer
    Institute of Management Accounting and Control
    Management Control Systems
    Strategic Leadership
    Top Management Teams

    Professor Dr. Christian Schlereth
    Chair of Digital Marketing
    Digital Services

    Professor Dr. Peter Witt
    Adjunct Professor
    Innovation management
    Corporate governance


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