Applying for the Program

Being admitted to the Doctoral Program is conditional on having gained a Master’s degree or a diploma degree at a university with an above-average overall grade. You will find more information on the admission requirements in the Doctoral Program Regulations.

Enrollment is also conditional on a professor of our faculty supporting the doctoral project. Please contact the particular Chair about your research project or apply for a specific job offer for a position as a research assistant.

As soon as you have received written support from the chair office, you should submit your application for enrollment together with the following documents to the Doctoral Program Office:

  • the professor’s declaration of acceptance
  • an up-to-date resumé
  • a single copy of your Abitur certificate (or equivalent, e.g. high-school diploma)
  • certified true copies of your university qualifications
  • a passport photograph in electronic form

Students can be admitted to the Doctoral Program – in consultation with the advisor – at any time. There are no fixed dates for starting.

Doctoral candidates can take the Doctoral Program either as internal or external students. You will find further information on the two forms here.

Your Contact

Claudia Heymann

Director Doctoral Program