Campus Life

Doctoral Students' Community

Various doctoral student events are specially organized on a regular basis, including the annual meeting of doctoral students in the fall and an annual Doctoral Colloquium in the spring. There is also a doctoral students’ party at WHU each year. The event team of the doctoral students also arranges other events, such as hiking trips, bowling evenings, poker evenings, barbecues, football tournaments, and even a miniature golf tournament.

The doctoral students are well networked with each other and represented in many WHU committees and bodies by elected representatives. Doctoral students representatives welcome personally all new students providing interesting and relevant information about the student life at WHU.

The current doctoral students’ spokespersons Lennart Ulrich and Stephanie Querbach will be happy to answer any questions you may have and to provide further information. 

Research and Learning

Of signal importance for all students’ learning and research is that they have uninterrupted access to the resources they need. Our extremely well-stocked library is not only open 24/7; it also provides online access to a host of specialist and full-text databases as well as a large number of e-books and e-journals. Moreover, students can benefit from the WHU’s inter-library loan system and also arrange for documents they need to be sent. WHU’s library also offers access to databases such as WRDS, Compustat, Thomson Reuters Eikon, Bureau van Dijk, as well as other leading data sources.

When it comes to any matters relating to research and obtaining further reading, students can, thus, always seek the expert advice and support of the library. A personal introduction to the library’s services and facilities can also be arranged.

All doctoral students are invited to take part in guest lectures, the WHU Research Seminar, general studies lectures, company presentations, and workshops, to name but a few.

Smoothing the way for communication and integration are the German and English courses offered free of charge for all the staff. Doctoral students wishing to extend or improve their language skills can also join courses in other languages at various levels on application, such as French, Spanish, Russian, and Chinese. 

Leisure Time

Doctoral studies at WHU comprise more than just “studying” per se. A healthy lifestyle also includes meeting people and finding out about their different interests, pursuing hobbies, developing personal fascinations, and also using leisure time to advance oneself personally.

To help our students achieve a healthy work-life balance, WHU offers a wide range of facilities and amenities to ensure all students have a fulfilling campus life.

And those who would like to try out new hobbies or sports will find a large selection to choose from at WHU. In addition to the modern and free fitness center and all the activities offered by the School’s sports club, we have a doctoral students’ soccer team. They are always pleased to welcome new members and for many years they have been an integral part of the largest sports festival staged by business schools in Europe ‑ Euromasters. There is also a well-established theatre group at WHU, where devotees of the thespian art will be in their element. And with all the student clubs which have been launched, there really is enough going on to cater for everyone’s taste.

The cafeteria is a good place to meet for lunch, and students can also get together in the Zalando Lounge to enjoy any meals they have prepared themselves. As soon as summer approaches, many students also spend their lunch breaks outside on the adjoining “Burgplatz” square or on the banks of the Rhine.

There are also numerous other places to relax with friends and fellow students, such as the cafés and restaurants all around WHU. Shopping facilities conveniently located within just a few minutes’ walk also help to make life on the campus all the more pleasant and relaxed.