Studying for a Doctorate Employed or not Employed as a Research Assistant

The status of those on doctoral programs can be that of internal or external doctoral students. The status of internal doctoral student applies if you are employed at WHU as a research assistant during your studies for at least three-eighths of a full-time position. The status of external doctoral student applies if you are not employed at WHU or are employed to a lesser extent as a research assistant.

Doctoral Program Fees

External students have to pay a fee for the Doctoral Program. The fee is made up of the admission fee and the tuition fee. The admission fee is currently set at a one-off payment of €2,500; the tuition fees are currently set at €1,500 per semester (= calendar half-year). You will find further information in the Regulations Governing Fees


Excellent candidates in the area of Management Accounting and Control are welcome to apply for a scholarship, advertised by the Institute of Management Accounting and Control (IMC). WHU does not grant any further scholarships. Please contact the organizations providing educational grants for gifted students directly if you have any questions concerning funding schemes for doctoral students.

Your Contact

Claudia Heymann

Director Doctoral Program