Tuesday, 17. January 2012

Nikola Denk and Christian Buhrmann honored by Emerald/EFMD in Outstanding Doctoral Research Award competition

Emerald and EFMD have honored Dr. Nikola Denk and Dr. Christian Buhrmann with an \"Highly Commended Award\" for their dissertations \"Internationalization of Emerging Market Firms – Grounded Theory-based Evidence of Relational Ambidexterities\" and \"Supplier Selection Decisions - Reducing the Vulnerability to Judgment and Decision Biases and the Implications for Supplier Performance.\" Both researchers have participated in Emerald\'s and EFMD’s annual Outstanding Doctoral Research Award competition. Nikola Denk in the \"Management & Governance\" category and Christian Buhrmann in the \"Logistics & Supply Chain Management\" category. Following the successful publication of parts of their works in leading academic journals, such as the Journal of Supply Chain Management and the International Journal of Physical Distribution and Logistics Management, the awards reflect once more WHU\'s strong position as a leading European institution in business research.
Dr. Denk and Dr. Buhrmann both wrote their dissertations under the supervision of Professor Lutz Kaufmann. For the award, a jury of international scholars assesses doctoral works that are submitted from around the world.
In her research, Nikola Denk investigates factors related to social networks that help companies form emerging economies, such as India, to gain a competitive edge in the European market. In this, a particular focus lies on the theoretical constructs \"Organizational Ambidexterity\"and \"Liabilities of Foreignness\". Furthermore, Nikola Denk discusses the question of which structural elements and conceptual approaches help researchers to successfully disseminate and publish findings out of interview-based, qualitative empirical studies.
Christian Buhrmann\'s work focuses on the supplier selection decision. Particular attention lies on the question of how purchasing managers can reduce complexity- and cognition-driven deviations from rational decision-making (so called \"decision biases\"). Based on a survey among 306 German purchasing managers from various manufacturing industries, Christian Buhrmann tests the effectiveness of specific rationality-enhancing measures (so called \"debiasing strategies\") in the supplier selection process.
WHU wholeheartedly congratulates Dr. Denk and Dr. Buhrmann for their successful work.