Study Fees

You may pass the doctoral program either as internal or external doctoral student. Internal student means that during your doctorate, you work as WHU staff member for at least 3/8 of a fulltime job. External means that you are not or insignificantly employed as WHU staff member.

External students have to pay doctoral fees. The doctoral fee is composed of the enrollment fee and the tuition fee. The enrollment fee is a singular payment of currently 2,500 €, the study fees are currently 1000 € per half year.

Those students who do not finish the doctoral program within their internal period may apply for being exempt from the payment of study fees before changing from internal to external if applicable (pls. see § 7 system of fees).

Students who are granted a scholarship may be on equal terms with the internal students (pls. see § 1 system of fees).

Doctoral students who have a bachelor or diploma degree (University for Applied Science) as final degree have to prove their qualification for the doctoral program by an assessment procedure. The fee for the assessment procedure is currently 20,000 €.

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Unfortunately, WHU does not grant any scholarships. For further questions regarding financial support for doctoral students, please contact the German "Begabtenförderungswerke".