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Kellogg-WHU Global Executive MBA

Join the most immersive global EMBA network – with seven campuses around the world

Our goal at Kellogg-WHU is to provide you with access to influential global networks, expert knowledge, vital connections, endless opportunities, and to deliver the highest business teaching standards.  By joining our top-ranked EMBA program, you will get unparalleled and rigorous business management training; you will be able to perfect and train your leadership skills and learn to become a visionary and empowering leader.

Why Kellogg-WHU?

    • Gain access to the largest, most immersive network of its kind and benefit from a unique global education model
    • Make lasting connections, get global and local expert knowledge, study with world-class peers, and benefit from endless professional opportunities
    • Advance your leadership skills and learn to lead with vision and purpose
    • Enhance your credentials with a globally-recognized MBA degree and top-notch management training

    Benefits of Kellogg-WHU and its Global Partnerships

    • Get a  joint MBA degree from two strong global brands
    • Become part of a world-class network
    • Learn from the best business management experts in the world
    • Develop your cross-border and cross-functional leadership skills

    Program Structure

    • The Program stretches over 21 months (+ 3 months of thesis writing)
    • Extended Weekend Courses, Live-In Weeks, and a Capstone Weekend in Vallendar, Germany
    • Global Network Weeks at the Kellogg School of Management in Evanston/Chicago, USA
    • Global Electives at our partner institutions worldwide: Toronto, Hong Kong, Tel Aviv, Miami, Evanston/Chicago, Beijing

    Executive MBA Brochure

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    Kellogg-WHU in the Rankings

    • # 1 EMBA in Germany (FT)
    • Among top 10 EMBA Programs in Europe (FT)

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