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International Students

International students will receive information by the Master team regarding visa, health insurance, and housing once they have been accepted to the program. We offer the Get Integrated support where we help students with their student visa, residency permit, and registration at town hall. Additionally, students who would like to improve their German skills have the possibility to take an intensive 2-week German course in August before the start of the program or take weekly classes while studying at WHU. During the Welcome Week, national and international students will get to know each other during non-academic events, and will receive detailed information on the programs.

The Welcome Week takes place the week before the official start of the program in September. You will be informed about the program structures, concentrations, modules, and the capstone module etc. of our Master programs.There will also be information sessions taking place, such as presentations from our Career Center and International Relations Office. Additionally, non-academic events are organized by students. Activities include: campus tour, high ropes course, BBQ, wine hike, running dinner and much more. Attendance to those events is highly recommended, as it is a good way to get to know your fellow students and learn about the Master Programs.

Potential language barriers can make settling in difficult for international students who do not speak German very well. The Master team offers a Get Integrated support, that helps students to get their paperwork (student visa, residency permit and registration at town hall) sorted out within the first couple of weeks of their arrival. You may sign up for the support by contacting Ms. Amanguli Yasheng at

For the purposes of your studies, it is not necessary to speak any German. WHU is an international community with many non-German speaking international students, and our courses are taught in English. However, we do encourage all of our international students to take German courses during their time here. A knowledge of the German language will be an asset, for example when looking for an internship or job later.

At WHU, we provide support to our international students who would like to learn German by offering the following courses:

Pre-semester two-week intensive course
We offer a two-week intensive course for students with little or no knowledge of the German language before the semester begins, so you can adjust quickly to your new surroundings. Classes take place for two weeks starting Mid-August leading up to the official Welcome Week, Monday to Friday for half-days, leaving you free time in the afternoons to discover the area. A minimum of 6 participants is necessary, and fees apply.

Regular lessons during the semester
We also offer regular German courses which take place during the semester. These courses offer various levels, from beginner to more advanced business-specific courses. An info session and registration take place during the official Welcome Week, and these classes are free!
If you have further questions regarding German or other language courses, please contact Ms. Amanguli Yasheng at

The Akademische Prüfstelle (APS) is a necessary stage in the visa process for all Chinese, Mongolian and Vietnamese students wishing to study at WHU. After your documents have been proved by the Akademische Prüfstelle, you will receive a certificate which verifies that your studies in China, Mongolia or Vietnam meet the necessary standards to be able to study at a German institution. Only after you have received your APS certificate is it possible to apply for a study visa, therefore please note that even if you have already been accepted to the program, you must get this document. The goal of the APS is to assist applicants by making the process as simple and transparent as possible, through offering the formal assessment as well as the visa process under one roof. Please note that the process can take several months so we recommend applying for APS at least five months before your planned arrival.*

*Please note that APS does not proof qualifications from Taiwan, Hong Kong or Macao

We do offer application training for international students to help them become familiar with the idiosyncrasies of the German work place. As part of individual career counseling we also support students as they identify suitable internship and job positions in Germany. Last, but not least, we do work with our partner companies and encourage them to highlight positions that are suitable for international candidates and/or those who are not business fluent in German. If students are planning to stay in Germany after graduation, we strongly advise that they aim to improve their German skills as much as possible before and during their studies at WHU.

WHU students are eligible to work in Germany for the period of their mandatory internships. This internship is considered an integral part of the Master programs. In addition, students are eligible to work for 120 days per year while enrolled in the Master of Science program.

In general, students from non-EU countries are allowed to remain in Germany for the purpose of looking for employment for a maximum of 18 months after graduation. The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) provides information on this subject: Non-EU graduates of German universities are entitled to take up work in Germany that is in line with their field of study. 

For more information regarding employment policies for international students in Germany, please take a look at the following DAAD publication: Information on the Legal Framework Conditions for the Gainful Employment of foreign students, university graduates, scientists and other academics