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When is it worth doing a Master in Business Administration in Germany?

There is a huge range of business administration Master programs on offer at Germany’s various universities and business schools. But is it actually worth doing a Master’s course?
Two students talking about expectations in a dual degree business administration master's program in Deutschland.

Personal considerations for doing a Master’s degree.

Perhaps you are just about to complete your Bachelor’s degree in business administration and are wondering what the next step is for you. What would be best: gain some professional experience in the world of business or continue with your studies? Perhaps you gained your Bachelor’s degree a while ago: you already have a job, but feel that there is potential for more. You are considering whether you could gain promotions on the job with professional experience, or whether adding a Master’s degree in business administration to your CV would be a more promising route. Doing so might further improve your career prospects. If you are asking yourself whether a Master in business administration is right for you, and which course would have the best chance of setting you up for success, then we have a few answers for you.

Moving up the ladder internally vs a Master in Business Administration.

With regard to a Master in business administration, most prospective applicants are keen to know whether studying is preferable to professional experience in business. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to give a general answer to this question – it depends on the individual. But to help you decide, you can ask other questions to gain some clarity about your point of view.

If you already have a job with a company:

  • Are you satisfied at your company and are happy with your job?
  • Do you get the impression that you can still develop further, or do you have the feeling that your career is stagnating?
  • What kind of (advancement) opportunities are open to you in your company?
  • Would you like to take on more responsibility?

If you have a sense of professional stagnation, feel bored in your current job, and are keen to take on new challenges and/or more responsibility at work, undertaking a Master’s degree in Business Administration could well be the path for you. If you feel happy at work and are generally satisfied with your position but not with your professional environment, it might be better to switch companies or departments.

If you’re still studying:

  • Are you satisfied with your current course?
  • Can you imagine continuing with your studies? Are you motivated enough?
  • How would you rate your current university? Do you think it provides optimal support for your development?
  • Have you been able to specialize and choose focus areas in your studies so far in the way you expected?
  • What could be improved?

If you have the stamina and motivation to study for a further two years, a Master in business administration is recommended. However, if you’re unsure because you repeatedly stumble over the same obstacles at your current university, switching institutions could provide you and your studies with a much-needed breath of fresh air.

Studying part-time while in employment?

Lots of prospective students also ask on forums and social networks about the possibility of completing a Master’s degree part-time while in employment. Sometimes you hear people with professional experience advising against doing so, saying that part-time study while in employment would close the door to the top DAX companies worldwide. This doesn’t really bear out. Several of WHU’s Master of Business Administration graduates or Part Time Master Graduates who studied part-time now work in prestigious international companies – many of those industry leaders. However, you should ask yourself what your objective is in doing a Master in business administration. Studying a Master in business administration part-time while in employment involves significant additional pressures - it’s important to weigh up the pros and cons. If you are happy with your company, but are keen to take on more responsibility and be promoted, it would be better to gain professional experience and work your way up within your company. Speak to your boss or superior about career opportunities. If it becomes clear that you don’t have the right qualification for higher positions within the company, you can always consider doing a Master in business administration.

Should I do a business administration Master’s degree in Germany or abroad?

Some German universities may offer international experience and boast an international focus – but is that enough to succeed in an international company? Wouldn’t it be better in a globally connected world to enhance your professional profile internationally from the outset and simply study abroad?

Instead of either-or, we would ask: Why not both? WHU’s international orientation is reflected not only in the make-up of the student body, it is also a key part of the Master’s programs. By this we’re not simply referring to the use of English as the medium of teaching, but also to the international experience our students gain while studying: be that through an internship abroad or a semester at one of the numerous partner universities around the world. Furthermore, you also have the unique opportunity to complete an internationally recognized double degree at WHU. For that you complete two semesters at a selected partner university and then after completing the course you will have your Master’s degree as well as an additional Bachelor or Master’s degree. And you get to decide where you study – be that in the USA, South America, Australia or Japan! You can choose from 200 partner universities around the world.