Master of Science (MSc)
17 or 21 months
Vallendar & abroad
First degree
Business-related field, STEM or other
Data informs decision-making. And the ability to translate data into meaningful strategy will raise you a cut above the rest. That is what we will teach you on our Master in Business Analytics Program.

Why a Master in Business Analytics

Unleash your leadership potential with the power of data analytics in our business-centric program
Address strategic challenges and convey data-driven solutions for impactful results
An extensive curriculum with an emphasis on Marketing, Entrepreneurship, and Supply Chain Management
Acquire technical proficiency for management consultancies and data science solutions

Your career options as an "analytics translator"

  • Embrace roles at start-ups with responsibilities in the digital landscape.
  • Set up your own venture that has analytics at its heart.
  • Benefit from the strong WHU alumni and founder networks – WHU was ranked second in Europe only behind the University of Oxford in generating unicorn founders.
  • Join analytics teams at top players: retailers, logistics champs, manufacturers, banks, pharma.
  • Support projects and fast-track to analytics management roles.
  • Launch your career as a "business analyst," bridging the gap between stakeholders (managers, users) and technical teams (data, software, data science).
  • High-demand in the job market awaits! (Check out this source for US-specific figures.)

Advisory board insights

Dr. Imme Baumüller
Director Data, BI and Analytics
Vaillant Group
"I can't imagine a world ten years from now where you do not have analytical skills in each company's business domain, at least not in the companies that are leading in their market."
Dr. Markus Kurch
Chief Operating Officer
"As COO at Crealytics, I see the impact of essential business analytics. In my world, it’s not just about the teams or AI crunching numbers; it’s also about ‘translating’ those numbers into insights and action."
Peter Breuer
Senior Partner
McKinsey & Company
"Analytics and AI offer significant value potential for every company, with analytics translators the critical “glue” between the business side and the “analytics machine room.”"
Howard Langer
Global Transformation Director
"The absence of a quality business translator ensures delay, confusion, and pain. With the right individual with the right skills in place, the path to impact is infinitely faster."

Lifelong career support

If you have an eye for detail, you will probably have noticed our strong student employment stats. A big part of the credit for that success goes to the WHU Career Center. 

Run by experts, partnered with world-leading organizations and offering exciting internships, it will maximize your chances of landing the job you want in your industry of choice. 

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Business Analytics News

Marjolein Buisman gives keynote speech @ KÜMPEM Retail Conference

Marjolein Buisman gives keynote speech @ KÜMPEM Retail Conference

Inventory dynamics at the retailer—An economic and environmental analysis of packaging fresh produce

Building the starting point for fashion

Building the starting point for fashion

Online presentation by David Schröder, COO of Zalando SE, Berlin

German Sustainability Award for Companies 2023

German Sustainability Award for Companies 2023

Jury member Professor Arne Strauss evaluated companies active in the field of transport and logistics


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WHU Entrepreneurship Center: Start-up thinking, analytical approach

Do you have a plan for a start-up and need support? Want to connect to the WHU ecosystem? Develop your entrepreneurial mindset with the help of our in-house expertise to accelerate your future in analytics. Let's get started!

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