Master of Science (MSc)
17 / 21 months
Vallendar & abroad
First degree
Business-related, STEM, or other
Are you a builder? A changemaker? A risk-taker with an eye for opportunity? Whether you want to start or join a company, our Master in Entrepreneurship will give you the knowledge and network you need for your entrepreneurial journey and career.

Entrepreneurship @ WHU

More than 2,447 start-ups founded by students and alumni
$846m raised in venture capital funds in 2022
15 of Germany’s unicorns founded by WHU alumni
Over 63,000 jobs generated by WHU alumni

Success Stories

Dr. Annika von Mutius
BSc, MSc & PhD 2021
Co-founder - Empion
"Of course, the WHU network is crucial - after all, that's how I met my co-founder! The open exchange and connection between students and alumni is incredibly strong. When we wanted to put our initial idea to the test, we contacted people from the WHU network. Almost everyone responded to talk to us about it. I am incredibly grateful for that."
Siddik Turhalli
Master in Entrepreneurship 2019
Co-founder - Projekt Empathy
"I love the topic of entrepreneurship and had already won a few business plan competitions before my studies at WHU. So it was clear to me the Master in Entrepreneurship was the right choice. This is where the real exponential growth of my knowledge began."
Julia Kaspar
BSc & Master in Entrepreneurship 2020
Co-founder - ZukunftMoor
"The WHU start-up ecosystem is super valuable for us as founders, as I already experienced with my first start-up "holzgespür". Now it was once again the WHU network that brought me to ZukunftMoor. The combination of entrepreneurship and climate protection immediately appealed to me."
Giulia Cioli
Master in Entrepreneurship 2022
Guilia describes the Master in Entrepreneurship program in just 60 seconds.

Where might your career take you?

Setting yourself apart among a competitive field is now harder than ever. This is why an entrepreneurial background, and the ability to bring innovation and a more dynamic perspective are unique traits valued in corporate settings.  

Our Master in Entrepreneurship provides a huge range of electives, enabling you to fine-tune your skills and experiences. Become a changemaker through electives such as Corporate Entrepreneurship and Visual Prototyping. 

Do you want to build your business idea and create impact? This is your chance to make it happen. 

From the basics of running a company to securing investment to power growth and evolution, our Master in Entrepreneurship will give you the skills, experience and mindset you need to mold your ideas into successful ventures. Add to that the opportunity to build an international network of multi-industry business contacts – WHU provides endless chances to connect with business partners and investors at a level unmatched by other schools. 

Maybe bringing other people’s ideas to life is your special talent. Maybe collaboration is your greatest passion. Maybe you believe in helping new and growing businesses achieve their potential.

Sometimes you can make the most impact by adding momentum to an enterprise already in motion. With electives like Venture Capital Finance and Building and Scaling Successful Companies, our Master in Entrepreneurship will offer you everything you need to know to do exactly that – create value, and most importantly, prepare for a career in industries that are key determinants of the success of start-ups. 

Confidence and foresight. It takes a lot of both to step outside of traditionally defined roles. But where disciplines blur, opportunities lie. Knowledge around coding, AI and the latest technology is growing in importance for top management positions and are tomorrow’s fertile grounds for growth.

There is an increasing need for people who can work at the intersection between tech offices, R&D and management. Through our Master in Entrepreneurship, you can be that important link. 

WHU Entrepreneurship Center: The heart of our start-up community

Invaluable insights. Of-the-moment data. Expert advice. Networking and mentoring opportunities with trail-blazing alumni. Sound good? Access all that and more through the WHU Entrepreneur Center. 

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Entrepreneurship News

InnoSurge AC ranked #1

InnoSurge AC ranked #1

We’re happy to share that InnoSurge AC ranked #1 at the AC² Business Plan Competition

Meet the 2021 WHU Accelerator Cohort - Part 2

Meet the 2021 WHU Accelerator Cohort - Part 2

From Equestrian Apparel to Investment in the Chinese Market

Meet the 2021 WHU Accelerator Cohort - Part 1

Meet the 2021 WHU Accelerator Cohort - Part 1

Meet the founders that are revolutionizing everything from laser cutting to e-commerce


WHU Start-Ups & Unicorns

Networking, WHU style

Getting together and building bonds is a big part of what we are all about. 

Sports clubs, social activities, study groups — there are so many ways you can get involved with our WHU community. Whichever you choose, we look forward to welcoming you.

And remember your entrepreneurial instinct. Every meet-up is a networking opportunity.

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Master Programs
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Experience our Master programs online! Join a class in action and get a glimpse into life as a WHU student.
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Virtual Information Session: Master in International Business Program
Online / March 06, 2024
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Virtual Information Session: Master of Science Programs
Online / March 07, 2024
Master Event, Part-Time Master Event
QS Discover & Connect: Turin, Italy
Off-campus / March 20, 2024
Master Event
Master in Business Analytics: Fireside Chat with Howard Langer
Online / March 20, 2024

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