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Master in Finance

Experience a unique program that combines a thorough analysis of finance with practical relevance and an international perspective.

WHU’s Master in Finance Program is designed for graduates from around the world with an excellent first academic degree in a business-related field of study as well as good quantitative skills. This full-time English-language program lasting 17 or 21 months provides you with an in-depth understanding of financial markets by offering a wide range of electives in the field of finance. Moreover, the program offers both practical and international experience and prepares you for a broad range of career opportunities in the global financial industry.

Why Master in Finance at WHU

  • Develop an in-depth understanding of modern finance in a program that integrates quantitative analysis with hands-on business problem solving
  • Join a dynamic and thriving global network of fellow students and alumni
  • Learn beyond the classroom by getting involved in one of WHU's numerous student clubs
  • Benefit from an extensive network of 200 partner universities and 160 partner companies around the world

About the Program

  • Comprehensive curriculum through core modules and a wide range of electives
  • Broad range of finance-related modules, such as Capital Market Theory, Corporate Finance, M&A , Leadership in Investment Banking
  • International opportunities such as a semester abroad or a capstone module abroad
  • Exposure to the real business world through internships in Germany and abroad
  • Unique double degree options to earn a full second degree

Extensive network

"Studying at WHU means that you are part of a selected hard-working and international student body. The Master in Finance has provided me with the skillset and an extensive network that enable me to pursue a career in the financial sector. Becoming a WHU`ler was definitely the right decision."

Malte Engels, Master in Finance 2018

Class Profile

The class profile refers to the Master in Finance Class of 2019 (as of September 2017).

Master in Finance Flyer

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