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Master of Science (MSc)
21 months (120 credits)
Vallendar & semester abroad
First Degree
Business and/or economics
Financial Times Ranking 2023
#1 in Germany
#13 Worldwide
Ready to start? Our #1 Master in Management will help you take your leadership, employability, and ambition to the next level. Still figuring out your career goals? No problem. We have the know-how to get you there.

Your Sustainability Journey with our Master in Management*

End of August – September
Welcome Week & Rhine Clean-Up
Get settled on campus, learn about the study programs, student initiatives, and the WHU Sustainability Management Center!

Take an active role and participate in the annual Rhine Cleanup with SensAbility x WHUSH.

*Examples provided for illustrative purposes only.
WHU Sustainability Management Center
Take MiM Elective: Transportation Management (Professor Ringbeck): Transportation is essential to the functioning of a global economy. As a major GHG emitter, it is also a key contributor to climate change. Learn about future trends and new management approaches to make travel and logistics companies more sustainable, both economically and environmentally.

Support the WHU Sustainability Management Center and take on projects to help connect stakeholders on and off-campus to take action towards a sustainable future.
November – December
WHUSH Charity Concert & Guest Lecture on ESG Investing
Organize (or perform at!) the WHUSH Charity Concert to help raise funds for WHU’s community projects in Rwanda.

Participate in a guest lecture on ESG investing with Hendrik Schmidt, governance expert at Germany's largest asset manager DWS: “Why the G-Force matters - Insights from an institutional investor.”
January – February
MiM Electives
Responsible Leadership (Professor Müthel): The environmental, economic and social crises of recent times have brought the need for responsible leadership to the forefront. Future leaders in business need to have key skills in understanding societal grand challenges and knowing how to tackle them to be able to lead through uncharted waters.

Sustainability and Marketing (Assistant Professor Schmitz): In an increasingly carbon-restricted world, companies need to build and communicate the business case for sustainability. Solve a real-life case with a company to learn how marketing methods evolve to address this challenge.
March – April
SensAbility – The WHU Impact Summit & MiM Electives
Be inspired at SensAbility – The WHU Impact Summit. Engage with leaders and entrepreneurs actively shaping and supporting social and green business. Network and speed-date with recruiters to secure your internship.

Take a MiM Elective: Health Economics, Policy and Management (Professor Hagist): Health care is one of the biggest and most important markets around the world. It is not a regular economic commodity and is widely considered a right, not a privilege. Dive into the complex interplay of private companies and regulators in this market and grapple with difficult questions of access and equity.
May – End of August
Summer Internship
Join Henkel Adhesives as Global Market Strategy and Operational Excellence Intern for the summer. Explore how different Strategic Business Units support B2B and B2C customers to develop and bring to market more innovative and sustainable products and solutions. Deepen your understanding of the complexity of achieving real-world sustainability gains in deeply interconnected value chains.
September - December
Semester Abroad
Complete a semester abroad at the Fudan School of Management in Shanghai. Gain first-hand insights into how the use of digital technology and electrification can help slash GHG emissions while economic growth also triggers substantial challenges in areas such as resource depletion and wealth distribution.
January – May
Master's Thesis
Write your master’s thesis on talent acquisition challenges for purpose-driven startups with Professor Faems, Chair of Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Technological Transformation.

Your thesis is shortlisted for the In Praxi Outstanding Thesis Award, which recognizes a thesis that generates impact for both business and society.

As graduation approaches, you are debating the pros and cons of founding a startup that traces carbon in food supply chains or joining the sustainability practice of a strategy consulting firm.

Your career, your future

Our Master in Management graduates work in these sectors

Industry breakdown for Master in Management graduates 2019-2023

*Public, government and educational institutions for Master in Management <1%

A Master's program at WHU offers you a wide range of career opportunities and personal support from our first-class Career Center. Graduates of the Master in Management go into consulting, industry or the service sector. Some start their careers in up-and-coming start-ups or even found their own companies, supported by our thriving network.

Starting salary of our Master of Science graduates

Average starting salary: €65,900
3 years after graduation: €101,100

Source: Career Entry Report Master of Science Programs 2019-2023

WHU Career Center: Learning at WHU is lifelong learning

Get career support. Anytime you need it.

Acquire a business degree that prepares you for the career you want. Whether in a large international corporation, a medium-sized company, or an up-and-coming start-up. Our Career Center supports you in pursuing a profession that matches your skills and dreams for the future.

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Our students

Marco Ries
MSc 2022 | CEO of ProteinDistillery
Forbes 30 under 30, 2023
"The Master in Management at WHU sharpened my understanding of my career choice, especially in terms of how important purpose is for me when choosing a career. I wanted to make a contribution both socially and ecologically. From this, together with three other founders, the idea of ProteinDistillery was born to bring sustainable food production as a core topic into the center of society. Less than 2 years after I graduated, the company has over 20 employees who share this vision every day."
Sarah Pohle
Master in Management 2019
"I had several internships at start-ups in Berlin and everywhere I went, I met people from WHU. I asked around about WHU, about the courses I was interested in, about the semester abroad I wanted to do, and of course about the rankings. I loved studying in Vallendar; I made friends for life and really enjoyed being part of the community."
Sina Thenagels
Master in Management 2010
"That's what makes the WHU network so unique - the connection to students and alums when looking for a job. They help you find a role that's a personal fit, including your strengths and how these fit in with the company's goals."

Master Programs
Virtual Class Visits

Experience our Master programs online! Join a class in action and get a glimpse into life as a WHU student.
Master Event
e-fellows Master Day Business & Economics Stuttgart
Off-campus / October 05, 2024
Master Event
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Off-campus / October 26, 2024
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e-fellows Master Forum Zurich
Off-campus / November 26, 2024

Semester Dates

Fall Semester 2024 

Welcome week: 21. – 30. Aug.
Lecture period: 02. Sep. – 18. Dec.
Exam weeks: 21. – 25. Oct. and 16. – 20. Dec.

Spring Semester 2025

Lecture period: 13. Jan. – 23. Apr.
Exam weeks: 03. – 10. Mar. and 24. – 30. Apr.
Capstone Module Abroad (90 cr track): 04. – 10. May

Master in International Business: Build upon any Bachelor’s degree

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