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Part-time Master at WHU –
Combining career and studies.

You want to start your career right after your Bachelor's degree, but still want to continue your education? Then a part-time Master's program at WHU is just the right thing for you, because it offers the perfect combination of a professional career and a qualification during your studies. On this page you will learn everything about part-time studies: advantages, costs, duration, and much more!
A group of students talk about balancing work with a part-time Master at the WHU

What are the advantages of a part-time master's program?

Is it worthwhile at all to obtain a higher degree after a bachelor's degree and while working? Of course it is! We'll explain why now.

A part-time master's degree is designed for all those who have already started working after their basic studies in the bachelor's degree, but still want to continue their education. By combining your day job with an accompanying course of study, you can put theory into practice right away. It is also a great advantage to be able to study and gain practical experience at the same time, which is not the case with a purely university-based course of study. In addition to the fact that a higher degree also increases your salary, you can of course also develop personally and realize your full potential. With a higher degree, the chance of a leading position in the company also increases. In addition, you can still specialize in your own area of interest during your master's studies and obtain more extensive knowledge with which you can optimize your professional tasks.

Furthermore, during the studies one can also establish contacts in one's own industry, which offer good networking and enable an international partnership.

Who is a part-time master suitable for?

Maybe you're interested in this degree program, but you're still a little unsure whether it's really the right one for you? No problem, we'll be happy to help you make your decision and explain who this degree program is for.

Of course, a Master's degree also involves a lot of time, especially if you are aiming for a part-time Master's degree alongside your actual job. So you should have a certain basic motivation and be determined. However, if you have a strong interest in it and have good time management, then there should be no problems studying alongside your job. A part-time master's degree is always suitable if you would like to combine theory with practice and that with a constant salary.

How long does a part-time master's program take?

Depending on which master's degree you are pursuing and which university you are enrolled in, the duration can vary. Since a dual studies Master's degree also includes the professional component and you therefore cannot take courses at the university every day, the Master's program takes longer than a purely university-based Master's program.

At WHU, the duration of a part-time Master's program is 17 months. The master's program starts each September. At the beginning, there are digital preparatory courses, which can be completed regardless of location. The lectures that follow take place at two different locations: Vallendar and Düsseldorf. At the end there is the master's thesis, which leads to an academic degree, for example the Master of Business Administration (MBA).

Which Master's degree can I pursue part-time at WHU?

With the Part-Time Master in Management, WHU offers you a part-time master's program. This is completed with a master's thesis. After this scientific work, you will be awarded the academic title M.A. (Master of Arts). As the name suggests, you will not study full-time, but part-time, alongside your actual job.

In addition, WHU offers another course of study as a part-time master's degree, i.e. alongside your day-to-day work: a Part-Time MBA (Master of Business Administration). This extends over two years and is aimed at Bachelor graduates who do not come from the business field, for example from the healthcare sector.

What are the requirements for the part-time Master at WHU?

Like any degree program, the part-time Master has certain requirements for applicants. A part-time Master of Business Administration requires the motivation to gain further qualifications and, for example, to strive for a Master of Arts. However, other factors are also necessary in order to be able to enroll for a part-time Master at WHU.

The requirements for a part-time Master are as follows:

First of all, one must have a Bachelor's degree as an undergraduate. In addition, one must have at least one year of practical, and 3 months of international experience. The former includes, for example, a job as a working student. You can also prove your international competence with an exchange semester.

To be able to work internationally, a certain basic competence in English is required, which can be confirmed for example with the TOEFL test. In addition, another test (GMAT or GRE) will assess your competencies in the analytical and qualitative areas.

How much does a part-time master cost?

You should consider all the framework conditions of a study program, including the cost aspect. A part-time Master's program at WHU costs a total of €33,000. The costs relate to the entire 17 months and include textbooks, course materials, meals on the lecture days on the respective campus, as well as accommodation and meals during your international module. In addition, you do not have to pay the full price all at once, but in 2 installments: At the start of the Master's program and in March of the following year. See our Part-Time Master Fees & Financing page for more information.

The Part-Time Master is a personal investment in your career, so it is definitely an enrichment for your personal development.

What is the difference between the part-time Master's degree and the dual Master's degree?

Both an extra-occupational master's degree and a dual master's degree build on a bachelor's degree, thus providing further qualification and specialization in a particular field. Both models involve a combination of theory and practice, so that you study on the one hand and work and earn money in the company on the other. However, there is a difference in the form of implementation. In the dual master's program, there is close cooperation between the university and the company and the times are coordinated, similar to an apprenticeship. So there are certain days or weeks when you attend university events. A part-time master's at the university does not cooperate with the workplace, which means that the times of the lectures are either block classes on weekends or evening studies. At WHU, there is the part-time option with 4 lecture days per month.

What career opportunities does a part-time Master's program offer me?

By taking a deeper look at the topics that are important in your professional environment, you can develop personally and professionally and gain further knowledge and skills. You get more exposure to specific topics and learn about new models and theories that can help you and your company move forward. In addition, a part-time course of study, for example a Master's degree in Business Administration, offers you numerous career opportunities in various areas of business. With greater competence, you can also attain higher positions within a company or even start your own business. In addition, your salary will also increase after your successful graduation; on average, the starting salary for WHU Master's graduates is €65,100.

What can I do with a Master in Management?

As a Master's graduate, you are spoiled for choice, because just about every sector needs you! Whether regional, national or international, a company needs a person to take charge of the organization. Depending on your interests, you can, for example, work in marketing and make sure that the company is present to the outside world through advertising. In addition, you are responsible for planning events and coordinating employees. There are also opportunities for managers to work in the sports sector, for example at a large soccer club. As a manager, you will also be responsible for global networking with other companies. With a master's degree in management, all doors are open to you and you can take on the organization, coordination or management of certain projects in any area.