The Student Experience

Study alongside like-minded international peers. Enjoy your personal interests. Build lifelong friendships. And access career support whenever you need it. For life.
Five students sitting in a circle and laughing

A diverse community

Average age: 23 years old
Female students: 34 %
International students: 35 %
Average years of work experience: 2 years

In the words of our alumni

Sabrina Nielson
Part-Time Master in Management 2023
"We feel like a strong community in class as we are near all the same age; it’s always a great exchange of knowledge and experience."
Antonio Panta
Double Degree 2021
"I enjoy the culture and spirit on campus. The school is open almost 24/7, and you can meet other students in Vallendar. It’s a very positive campus environment."
Sina Thenagels
Master in Management 2010
"When I first visited WHU during an open day, it was love at first sight. I immediately felt at home; it was a small community and every person I met was down-to-earth and friendly."

Student life in the Master program

Have fun. Make friends. Expand your network. 

Our student clubs cover everything from sports to theater, debate to music. Join and enjoy whichever match your interests. And remember to deploy your new networking and leadership skills.

Your mental and emotional wellbeing matters to us.

In case you ever need it, professional on-site counseling is always available. Inclusivity is important to us too. We do all we can to give equal volume to every voice in our community.

Forward-thinking and well-connected, Germany attracts top business talent from across the globe. Discover a land of ancient history, modern culture, famous sports clubs, and world-renowned businesses.

Some of our student clubs

WHU Campus Vallendar

Different backgrounds. United ambition.

Welcome to the home of a buzzing community. One made up of global business leaders in the making. Close to Frankfurt, Cologne, and other major European commercial centers, Campus Vallendar lies in studious seclusion surrounded by the vineyards, castles, and historic towns of the Upper Middle Rhine Valley UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is where we will give you everything you need to reach the next level. 

Your new networks

Global connections
Global connections
Build lasting relationships; ones that will unlock global opportunities. The peers you will study, live, and grow alongside will become the first members of your new international network.
Entrepreneurship in action
Entrepreneurship in action
Our alumni are among the most successful entrepreneurs. In Germany. Across Europe. Around the world. Anywhere. And all enjoy the competitive advantage provided by the support of our Entrepreneurship Center.
Career support, for life
Career support, for life
Whenever you reach your next big career step – a promotion opportunity, an industry switch, a start-up launch – our Career Center will be there with the support you need.

WHU Graduation Day: A snapshot of success

Step into the spotlight on graduation day. A time for WHU graduates to celebrate their achievements, friendships, and community. Graduation day at WHU is a memorable occasion, where students receive their degrees and celebrate this special event with friends, family, and members of the school. 

Our graduates have good cause to celebrate, thanks to their consistently high final grades. Download them below.

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