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Master of Business Administration: the perfect start to your international career -
Become a game changer instead of waiting for success

Do you have the talent and passion to qualify for a management career? With WHU's MBA programs, you'll get off to a good start - intensively supported and flexible to your current lifestyle.
Online students who have decided to pursue a Master of Business Administration.

Master of Business Administration - what is it?

The MBA (Master of Business Administration) course is a qualifying, generalist and postgraduate master's course. You can apply for a MBA progam if you already have a bachelor's degree or a comparable degree and at least two years of professional experience.

It doesn't have to be a related subject - you can also aim for an MBA if you have a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering, chemistry or health sciences, for example.

What does a Master of Business Administration do?

An MBA (Master of Business Administration) graduate is entrusted with managerial tasks in middle or upper management.

Basically, one of the tasks of MBA graduates is to examine, plan, communicate and secure business decisions. These can be decisions that affect the entire company management or specific departments, such as sales, marketing, accounting, purchasing or human resources development.

Is the Master of Business Administration a real Master?

With an MBA degree from WHU, you acquire an MBA certificate and therefore an internationally recognized master’s degree. It is a "real" master's degree that thoroughly qualifies you for your desired role.

What does a Master of Business Administration earn?

The Master of Business Administration salary is currently listed as € 4,800 to € 5,800 per month in Germany. But in addition to the industry and the location, factors such as age, company size, specialization and negotiating skills also play a role.

If you have completed your MBA at an internationally recognized university such as WHU, your Master of Business Administration salary can be significantly higher. For the graduating class of 2022, the average post-MBA salary was over €84,000, with students receiving a 106% salary increase.

For which jobs is a Master of Business Administration required?

A Master of Business Administration in Germany cannot be compared to a legally regulated vocational training in Germany. So you don't necessarily have to have an MBA to be able to advance into the management of a company. However, the MBA qualification increases the chance that you will be shortlisted or that you can apply for advertised positions, because many companies are actively looking for managers with MBA knowledge.

Can you do a Masters of Business Administration online?

Yes, because at WHU we offer you the Global Online MBA, which you can complete in either 24 or 36 months. The online MBA is most often chosen by people who already have several years of professional experience and are looking to advance in their career whether from home, from abroad, or simply as a flexible option while they work.

What are the requirements to get an MBA?

Formally, you meet the Master of Business Administration requirements if you already have a Bachelor's degree (or an equivalent degree) and have been employed for at least two years. You need good English skills, which you can prove by means of a test certificate (e.g. TOEFL).

Depending on the course you choose, you will also need a letter of recommendation. At WHU, you can prove your merit and readiness for an MBA through an Excellent Fit Assessment. Depending on your selected category, some categories can substitute the formal GMAT exam.

What jobs can you do with an MBA?

Both in Germany and internationally, there are a variety of industries in which Master of Business Administration jobs can be found and where you can boost your career with an MBA. It is therefore hardly possible to list all professions available for a Master of Business Administration. WHU graduates land in a variety of industries and roles including:

• consulting companies

• tech and start-ups

• financial services

• transportation and logistics

• healthcare and pharma.

Can you do a Masters in Business Administration part-time?

At WHU you can complete the MBA part-time or with the Global Online MBA. Both forms are suitable if you wish to study alongside work.
In any case, we recommend that you discuss your desired degree with your employer. With a little luck, he will not only support you personally, but also financially.

Who is an MBA suitable for?

In addition to the question of what we expect from you as a place of study, what personal benefits you associate with your studies and what motivates you to actually achieve your goals should be particularly relevant for you.

The general desire to pursue a career is rarely enough. At least as important are talent and discipline, interests and inclinations and the ability to familiarize yourself with the various areas of corporate management in an analytical, structured and responsible manner. Please also check out our MBA FAQ.

How much does an MBA in Germany cost?

You can complete an on-campus course at a technical university in 4 to 5 semesters. The average tuition fees are €18,000. In comparison, the tuition fees for an MBA program at WHU initially appear to be significantly higher, as they currently amount to €36,000 to €46,000.

But the comparison should also consider what is included in the tuition fees. At WHU these are, for example:

• Course materials and books

• Accommodation and half board for international modules

• Seminars, workshops and individual coaching for your personal and professional development as well as support from our well-connected Career Center

• Semester ticket for NRW

• German courses (full-time studies)

• Lunch and drinks on lecture days (part-time)

You can also save €1,500 on tuition fees with our “Early Bird Offer”. If you are studying part-time, the Master of Business Administration costs can be claimed for tax purposes.

However, one should not forget the value and expertise offered by WHU. Whether its world-renowned faculty or its un-rivalled network of companies and alumni.

Can the MBA course be financed?

Many students use the time of their previous employment to build up a financial basis for their studies. Others come to an agreement with their employer to cover the costs or to finance the MBA.

Favorable loans, scholarships from foundations and organizations or from WHU itself are also possible. You can get an initial overview by looking at the detailed information on the desired degree program.

What MBA programs are there?

At WHU we offer you three types of MBA programs that you can choose to suit your current circumstances.

In the full-time MBA course, you will acquire your MBA within one year in face-to-face events on our Dusseldorf campus. The course starts in September,  and consists of a mostly international cohort.

In the part-time MBA course, you have two years to acquire the MBA. This course also takes place on our campus in Dusseldorf and begins in September.

The online MBA is the ideal solution for anyone who wants to study a part-time Master in Business Administration from anywhere in the world. You can start in March or September. You also decide whether you want to complete the course in 24 or 36 months.

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