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Tuesday, 19. September 2017

WHU Collaborates with the Goethe Institute

Did you know that Germany is the third most popular destination amongst international students in the world? Germany is an attractive place to study, and a degree from a German university will make you attractive to employers.

It is widely known that Germany has a thriving economy, and as of March 2017, it has the lowest unemployment rate in the EU of just 5.7%. What many people don’t know is that studying in Germany isn’t quite as financially daunting as expected – the country offers affordable tuition fees and supports international graduates of German universities with an 18 month jobseeker’s visa. With an abundance of graduate job opportunities, employment can be secured and the process to convert the visa into an employment visa isn’t quite as eye watering as you may expect.

Once decided on Germany, the next step is to decide which city. Berlin, Hamburg, Munich – these are the big names. What may come as a surprise however, is Düsseldorf. Located in North Rhine-Westphalia, Düsseldorf is a gem in the heart of European business. Its central location and easy access to the rest of Europe, and the world, has turned the city into an international business hub. A 2015 ranking placed Düsseldorf as third amongst FDI destinations in Europe, just behind London and Paris. Beyond Europe, Düsseldorf has close ties to the US, with American companies providing the largest non-European investment to the North-Rhine Westphalia region. Approximately 2000 US citizens live in Düsseldorf, contributing to the overall figure of over 120,000 internationals living and working in the city. The start-up scene in Germany often focuses on Berlin, but Düsseldorf is pushing back with a growing start-up community. The city now offers 300 start-up events a year and a strong network of business angels, financing partners, and experts is growing in Düsseldorf.

To stand out in such a bustling business center, international MBA students can enhance their employability by learning German. At WHU, we are committed to supporting our students’ employability after graduation, which is why we have teamed up with the Goethe Institute Düsseldorf. International students now have the opportunity to improve their German with the option to participate in a language course for 1-3 months prior to the start of their MBA course. This cooperation not only means guaranteed seats in class, but also discounted tuition fees. Per month of tuition, students pay just €500 and WHU will cover the other half of the cost.

Studying German in Germany not only increases the opportunities to practice but also provides cultural learnings alongside language learning, making the course a perfect introduction to living here. To employers, the willingness to learn German demonstrates an enthusiasm to integrate and a commitment to a career in the German-speaking world.

With knowledge of their home market coupled with new language skills, international students can truly benefit from studying their MBA in Germany.

Course dates for January – March are available here

For more information, please contact the MBA admissions team

WHU Campus Düsseldorf (outer view)

WHU Campus Düsseldorf (side view)