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MBA Salary Expectations of Graduates -
Does an MBA mean greater earnings?

An MBA from a top business school is a substantial investment. It is understood that the knowledge and training from such a program will make you a valuable asset in your future career - but what about the financial return on investment?
Two WHU students discuss their salary expectations after their WHU MBA Program investment

MBA Salary Expectations

After you have completed your course, furthering your education with an MBA degree can open a whole new world of work opportunities and fast-track your career. With a little extra effort, studying a master of business admin can mean you excel in your field. Below we answer some of the most common questions regarding Masters of Business Administration and explain how MBA programs can be a productive investment in your future.

How much does an MBA increase your salary?

WHU believes that excellence in management requires more than expert business knowledge. We practice what we preach, which is why our MBA program trains students to become effective managers with a strategic vision, team spirit, and a sense of ethical behaviour and responsibility. We know our programs (Full-Time MBAPart-Time MBAOnline MBA) generate a positive return and by collecting data from recent graduates on their jobs and salaries, we have the numbers to prove it. The management knowledge gained during the program allows you to approach new challenges with more confidence and demonstrate new skills and insights to employers, which can often lead to a salary increase.

What factors influence an MBA graduate’s salary?

Many factors will influence the salary Masters of Business Administration degree-holders take home. It can depend on the results, Business School, and the field in which they enter after they graduate, their location, previous work experience, the business they join after graduating, and the MBA graduate's connections/network

What are WHU MBA graduates earning now?

Our students embark on an MBA to change and further their career, gaining essential experience to take their professional achievements to the next level. We accompany students on a journey of personal development, international experience, and networking to deliver them to their career aspirations. The dedicated MBA Career Center team provides tailored support along the way, helping 71% of the 2021 graduating class successfully change their industry and supporting 86% of them in securing top positions within three months of graduation. For Abby Barber, MBA Class of 2021, the program supported her transition from the agricultural industry to media and entertainment. “During my MBA, the most valuable resource the Career Center provided to me was career coaching,” said Abby. “It allowed me an opportunity to define gaps and tackle them so that I could make my career transition seamlessly. I wholeheartedly believe this coaching helped in launching my post-MBA career.” MBA graduates from WHU are assets to the business world and we’re proud to say the business world thinks so too.

Is an MBA the only factor in salary increase?

While many other aspects such as industry and company size can also affect the starting salary of recent MBA graduates, it can be helpful to also consider the reputation of a university. With a top-ranked university such as the WHU, ranked #1 in Germany by the Financial Times in for three years in a row, you can be sure that the progression into your future career, role or industry is in safe hands.

Germany’s strong economy makes it an excellent place to live and work. Our graduates agree, with many of them choosing to stay in Germany to continue their career. Germany welcomes internationals equally, and the government offers an 18-month jobseeker’s visa for international graduates of a German university.

If you want to develop professionally and personally, boost your salary, expand your international exposure, and land your dream job, learn more about WHU’s MBA and invest in your future.

What options do you have for studying mba programs?

If you are looking to complete an MBA, the best way to do so is by continuing studying with a full-time MBA, in-person at a top Business School after you finish your initial degree. However this is not a viable option for everyone, luckily there are some other options available…

Part time MBA 

Many graduates choose to complete a part-time MBA while working. This way they can gain work experience and start earning money to finance their tuition. Once their Masters of Business Administration is complete they can expect to see an immediate salary increase and new doors open for them in terms of career advancement and greater responsibilities. If you are already working at a business you enjoy, but financing your Masters of Business Administration is still an issue, you may be able to work out a deal with your current employer and recieve some financial support to help with your tuition.

Online MBA

Today, many universities are operating online, which is the perfect opportunity for those who are working part-time jobs to complete an online MBA. As well as those who prefer to study from the comfort of their own homes or while travelling.

Whether full-time, online or part-time, WHU's MBA offers excellent career opportunities, possible salary increases, leadership responsibilities and a wider choice of MBA jobs and employers. For those who are not sure if they can finance further studies, there are various financing options and therefore you should consider a Master of Business Administration as an investment in your future that will pay off for the rest of your working life.

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