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On campus or online – in all our MBA programs you build the relationships, develop the mindset, and master the skills you need to achieve your global business leadership potential.

Get ready to reach the next level.

Our MBA classes - your peers

Full-Time MBA
Full-Time MBA
Students per year: 40
Average age: 30 years
International students: approx. 90%
Female students: approx. 38%
Average professional work experience: 6 years
Part-Time MBA
Part-Time MBA
Students per year: 80 - 90
Average age: 30 years
International students: approx. 40%
Female students: approx. 25%
Average professional work experience: 6 years
Global Online MBA
Global Online MBA
Students per year: 30 - 40
Average age: 31 years
International students: approx. 43%
Female students: approx. 29%
Average professional work experience: 7 years
MBA Student Experience

Experiences that connect

Jessica Ardelia Tan, Full-Time MBA
Jessica Ardelia Tan, Full-Time MBA
We got to know almost 30 different nationalities in our class, tackled cultural challenges, and used that diversity to our advantage. WHU is representative of our globalized world.
Burcu Arslan, Part-Time MBA
Burcu Arslan, Part-Time MBA
After just a few weeks, I have met some inspiring people in my cohort who will undoubtedly make significant changes in the world. It’s exciting to be a part of it.
Wissam Abdel-Samad, Global Online MBA
Wissam Abdel-Samad, Global Online MBA
It doesn’t feel like a virtual program. I meet my team for the group work two or three times a week. We also meet on a social basis. I know them all so well now – you never feel alone.

Chat with students

Here. Anywhere.

Depending on the program you choose, your learning experience will be split between the buzzing community on our cutting-edge Düsseldorf campus, and online, anywhere you choose.

Welcoming and well-connected, Düsseldorf is a hive of culture and commerce at the center of central Europe’s largest economic area. 

Intuitive and easily accessible, our online learning environment is there to fit around your busy work life. True flexibility. 


Future Leaders Fundraising Challenge
Future Leaders Fundraising Challenge
Leadership skills, social responsibility, and team spirit in action: The Future Leaders Fundraising Challenge is the perfect kick-off for our Full-Time and Part-Time MBA programs.
Residential Week
Residential Week
A real highlight: During the residential week, students of the Global Online MBA program from all over the world come to the Düsseldorf campus to meet in person and deepen the relationships that have been established virtually.
International Module
International Module
The international modules open up new perspectives, broaden horizons, and strengthen relationships between students.

MBA Student Clubs - where innovation and initiative meet

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6,000+ alumni
Alumni Career Service
35 regional chapters worldwide
100+ events each year

What our alumni say

MBA graduates about their journey
We asked our MBA students at their graduation what advice they would give to candidates and new students.

Here are a few voices from the community.
David Bertel
Part-Time MBA
"WHU has an incredible ecosystem to support founders. For example, It’s very inspiring to see that it is possible to be a successful founder and meet some of these founders in WHU’s numerous lectures, workshops, and events. It made me change my focus and how I approached my career."
Vera Wang-Kukulies
Full-Time MBA
"I got to know many classmates from different cultural and professional backgrounds while exchanging views with them. Everyone had an exciting story to tell, and I am sure that we will not only have a great year at WHU together but stay connected for years to come."
Marcel Hermann
Part-Time MBA
"Groupwork helped me a lot as I met so many people; I learned new things from others who were from completely different industries to me. I profited from that exchange hugely."

Life in Germany

In the heart of Europe between the Baltic Sea and the Alps, Germany is a land of modern cities, ancient towns, forested hills and sweeping plains.

BMW, Adidas, Deutsche Bank – you surely know many of our country’s world-leading businesses.

Einstein, Beethoven, Kant – you’ve probably heard of a few of our famous original thinkers, too.

That’s because for centuries, Germany has been a global center of business and innovation. We are proud to invite people like you to study here and to keep on strengthening that tradition. And thanks to our knack for pushing the boundaries of knowledge and attracting global talent, our economy is one of the world’s most advanced.

Winters here might be frostier than you are used to, so just remember to bring a warm coat.

German culture? It’s pretty special. From enchanting castles to pulsating city life, Germany is a melting pot where timeless tradition meets contemporary vibrance.

Germany's architecture is a testament to its rich history, with Roman amphitheaters, Gothic cathedrals like Cologne, and medieval castles like Burg Eltz (just a 30-minute drive from Campus Vallendar). Germany is also home to hundreds of museums and art galleries, with its history in the visual arts as varied as its architecture.

You might have heard of our reputation for rationality. It’s true we like well-structured plans and being on time, and you will rarely find yourself second-guessing what’s on our minds. But that old ‘efficient but dull’ badge? Nope, not true. They say “a German friend is a friend for life”, and we sure know how to have fun. Our nightlife is some of the best around and many of our sports clubs are world-renowned. And yes, when the time is right, some of us like to don our lederhosen (or dirndls) and drink a few beers. 

Düsseldorf is a real cultural and fashion hotspot. From the legendary Königsallee ("Kö") with its renowned fashion labels, to the art axis with the German Opera and numerous museums, to the old town with the "longest bar in the world" —Düsseldorf truly has something for everyone.

The state capital of North Rhine-Westphalia is home to more than 625,000 inhabitants from 180 different nations. This multiculturalism is reflected in the city life of this cosmopolitan city and creates an international flair in which students from all over the world feel at home.

For all sports enthusiasts, you will definitely get your money's worth in Düsseldorf. Jogging along the banks of the Rhine or in one of the numerous green spaces. By getting involved in sports clubs of all kinds. By visiting the numerous yoga and fitness studios. Or as a spectator at major sporting events such as soccer, ice hockey, American football, or table tennis.

On our WHU Campus Düsseldorf, the MBA student initiatives offer you many opportunities to get involved beyond your courses, to exchange ideas with like-minded people and to make new contacts. This is where networks for life are created.

EU citizens do not need an entry visa before entering Germany.

Non-EU citizens require a residence or settlement permit to live in Germany. First, your local German mission or embassy (in your country of residence) must issue a national visa to enter Germany. The national visa will be subsequently converted into a residence permit by the immigration office in Düsseldorf.

Students must apply in their country of residence (visas are never issued in Germany). Visa applications take some time, so please apply in advance. For the visa application, you will need to provide the following:

Provided by WHU 

  • Study Contract 
  • Proof of Payment 
  • Visa Support Letter 
  • Certificate of Enrollment 

Provided by the Student 

  • Proof of health insurance 
  • Proof of financial resources – block account 
  • Certificates of past academic work and achievements

Please ask your local German mission or embassy for further detailed information. Since you will stay in Germany for more than three months, please apply for a German National Visa. Please do NOT apply for a Schengen Visa! Once you arrive in Düsseldorf, you will need to change this visa to a student visa, which will be valid for the duration of your enrollment at WHU. Even if you do not require an entry visa, please make sure to apply for a National Visa to enter Germany.  

We highly encourage you to familiarize yourself with the visa application process, to plan well, and to allow plenty of time to get a visa before the program’s start.

For the international modules of our MBA Program, please familiarize yourself with the USA (J1 visa) visa requirements.  

Mandatory Health Insurance 

Health insurance is mandatory for all students in Germany, so you cannot start studying without it! 

  • For EU citizens: Your European health insurance card from your health insurance provider in your home country meets this requirement. 
  • Non-EU citizens: Should it not be possible to get it in your home country before departure, you can obtain student health insurance from a German company. You must apply for it as soon as possible.

Governmental health insurance companies (Techniker Krankenkasse, Barmer, or AOK) are available. If you are under the age of 30, you may apply as a student – this cost is normally €90 per month. International students over 30 or looking for another option can find suitable offers with Expatrio or Mawista

Please note: your insurance coverage must cover the entire period of enrolment.

Blocked Account – Sperrkonto 

The blocked account is for your living costs. Even though living costs vary for each student, the German government regulates that a minimum of roughly €11,208 per year (last updated January 2023) must be in your Blocked Account. 

You can find further information here: Foreigners Office Blocked Account Information