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Tailor-made programs – Focusing on the European economic area

The WHU Customized European Programs are specifically designed to be integrated into the BBA, MBA, or Executive MBA programs of individual non-European partner schools, and are tailor-made to suit the needs and curriculum of the specific institution. In some instances, it is also possible for students from different schools to participate in the same program.

  1. Via a series of seminars, the students will learn the skills necessary to work with European companies and better understand our increasingly global economy.
  2. WHU is known throughout Europe for its expertise in designing study programs focusing specifically on the European business landscape. WHU has established the prestigious Center for European Studies (CEUS), as well as strong relationships with numerous institutions and businesses throughout the EU.
  3. WHU’s European Programs add an important international element to full or part-time business programs at other institutions, making them the perfect complement to students’ degrees.
  4. Our programs give students the best opportunity to acquire essential skills to develop successful business relationships within the EU. Our teachings on the European business environment also integrate a variety of cultural and practical business experiences, including company visits and trips to other European countries, where participants can attend classes at our partner universities.
  5. WHU is AACSB, EQUIS, and FIBBA accredited, guaranteeing  an excellent standard of education and a high degree of internationalization. In both national and international rankings, WHU continues to occupy leading positions, most recently in the Financial Times European Business School Ranking 2018.

Generating a relevant learning experience – Carefully tailored goals, content, and methodology

The WHU Customized European Programs offer students and executives a high-quality and relevant learning experience, especially as program goals, content, and methodology are carefully tailored to the needs and curriculum of each individual partner school/business school. Credit transfer agreements ensure that students will earn credits for successful completion of a European Program. 

The programs range from one-week workshops to seminars lasting several weeks. Longer programs include trips to other European countries, where participants can attend classes at our partner universities and visit relevant companies. The programs can also include visits to companies and/or EU institutions, such as the European Central Bank in Frankfurt, and cultural events, such as a trip to the historic town of Heidelberg, a castle tour, or wine tasting.

The goals of the Customized European Programs are both based on the curricula of the BBA, MBA and Executive MBA programs of the participating partner schools, and on the general requisites for conducting business in Europe. The entire customization process is based on the program goals, as specific goals make it easy to create relevant content and focus on the appropriate proven teaching methods.

The quality of our European Customized Programs stems from a combination of challenging academics and business relevance. The individual topics discussed in our programs range from a broad discussion of European political and economic developments, to specific business practices in Western and Eastern Europe. We also offer exclusive European-themed event packages and innovative incentive programs.

Our proven teaching methods will help  foster students’ personal development, with our combination of classroom learning and practical experiences ensuring participants not only learn about modern European business management, but also acquire hands-on experience of successful business and management practices in the European marketplace. Our programs also ensure students have the opportunity to experience a variety of European cultures. This synthesis of intellectual and cultural learning goals is one of the factors that make WHU’s European Customized Programs so distinctive.

WHU faculty and leading European business managers work together to make our programs both challenging and relevant for the business world. The level of excellence WHU pursues in its Customized European Programs is reflected in the outstanding qualifications and experience of our instructors. While various faculty members will teach a range of different topics throughout each program, one of our faculty members is generally responsible for overall program academics.

Tailored to specific interests –

Highly valued by our partner universities

In their own words – Testimonials from clients and participants

The Customized European Programs offer students and executives around the world the unique opportunity to enjoy an international learning experience, which is tailored to their specific interests. By cooperating with various educational institutions and companies across the continent, seminars are designed that truly benefit students’ professional futures.

Find out why the Customized European Programs are the best choice for you!

Clients and participants

Vijayasree Lakshman - Client
Global Materials Exchange Pty Ltd
"It was remarkable to learn and relate the Industrialization & Globalization concepts and the deployment of Industry 4.0 in Europe. I want to formally thank WHU for the exceptional knowledge imparted to the students of Senior Executive Management MBA, Melbourne Business School during our stay in Vallendar."
George Jones - Participant
Sourcing Manager
Tepper School of Business, Carnegie Mellon University
"Some business schools refer to 'business agility' as a skill you gain in their MBA program; this international experience offers just that. Studying here has shown me that being agile and adaptable is an even greater component to being successful in European business. The program at WHU not only reveals this truth, but gives tools to navigate complex business situations that you will not encounter in the US."
Samantha Ortiz - Client
Program Manager
LeBow College of Business, Drexel University
"My visit to WHU as a Drexel University staff member was truly impressive! I traveled to WHU with a group of Drexel University MBA students for an organized international residency hosted and organized by WHU. The students were truly impressed by WHU’s professionalism, quality of delivery and beautiful cultural sites. I would highly recommend WHU as a host for any institution!"
Jackie Robb - Participant
Chemist Warehouse Retail Group, Australia
"Our module showcased a first-class German university program, led by passionate professors who took us on a learning and discovery journey. Our entire program was well organized and gave us such rich and rewarding memories of WHU and Koblenz. Many of us vowed to return in the future to do further studies at WHU. Totally recommend WHU for a complete and enriching learning experience."
Ruchira De Silva - Participant
Head of ICT Delivery
Downer EDI Limited, Australia
"WHU’s well formulated course work and the company visits contributed to an intriguing module centred around Digital Manufacturing (Industry 4.0), European Economic Integration, Competing in the European Markets and Hidden Champions. I was very privileged to have had the opportunity to experience the German culture during my stay in both Frankfurt and Koblenz."

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Dr. Rebecca Winkelmann
Dr. Rebecca Winkelmann
Managing Director Executive Education

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about the programs, including about content, methodology, or organization. We would also be happy to put you in touch with previous clients and participants who would be delighted to share insights on their experiences and offer advice.

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