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Spring 2022  ›  Bachelor of Science  ›  Bachelor of Science - 4th Semester  ›  General Studies

Managing your personal performance holistically

Course Code:
Karl Dieterich
Course Type:
BSc Course General Studies
Week Hours:
Spring 2022
(Please note that exchange students obtain a higher number of credits in the BSc-program at WHU than listed here. For further information please contact directly the International Relations Office.)
Course Objectives:
• Participants are going to learn how to gain a holistic view on different areas of life and how to assess them regularly.
• Participants are going to learn how to free themselves from limiting belief systems.
• Participants are going to leave this course with specific tools on how to create a meaningful career for themselves and empower the people they work with.

Most importantly, participants will have applied learned methods themselves for their own reflection process.

Course Description:
It’s recommended but not mandatory that participants have already participated in my previous course “Understanding your personal performance base”.

Being a great leader requires a skillset to fully leverage the potential of your workforce for the goal of the organization. This course will help students to understand the needed capabilities to find the best in themselves and in turn inspire, engage and mobilize others. Students will work on developing those capabilities that generate high levels of professional performance and life satisfaction. The course contents aim to show the connection between the importance of developing one’s own meaning as a leader and the ability to lead in today’s business environment – especially in young organizations and startups.

Students will work individually, in groups and with presentations in class on methods on how to combine the potential of those concepts and apply it in their personal and professional life.

Friday, 18/03/2022
03:30 PM till 08:30 PM
Friday, 25/03/2022
03:30 PM till 08:30 PM
Friday, 01/04/2022
03:30 PM till 08:30 PM
Course Assessment:
- The course will be either pass or fail.
- 50% Group project and presentation
- 50% Class work

Details on Course Assessment:
Students must be willing and open to tackle professional and personal development challenges, apply the concepts to themselves and partly share experiences in a class setting.