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Presenting a wide range of extracurricular activities.

Student life at WHU is not just about studying - in their free time, our students enthusiastically pursue a wide range of extracurricular activities, making campus an exciting place to be. Whether you love sports, the theater, music, entrepreneurship, the community, debating, or are even partial to casual wine tasting, there truly is something for everyone.

Take a look at our full list of student clubs to discover just how diverse student life at WHU is:

3 Day Startup
WHU Founders Bootcamp

40 creative students, three days, one goal: start your own company. Can you set up a business in just three days? Yes!

Business Meets Tech
WHU's Tech Initiative

WHU’s first initiative revolving around tech and IT. We aim towards encouraging students with a business background to engage themselves with tech-related topics.

Campus for Finance -
WHU New Year's Conference

The WHU New Year's Conference is an international finance conference that engages students, academics, corporate representatives and politicians in the discussion of contemporary topics.

Campus for Finance -
WHU Private Equity Conference

The WHU Private Equity Conference unites students, academics, corporate representatives and politicians to create a unique platform for discussing current topics in the private equity sector.

confluentes e.V. 
Die studentische Unternehmensberatung der WHU

confluentes, the student management consultancy at WHU, supports companies of all sizes with services from all areas of the value chain. Today 1000 consultants implement > 130 projects per year.

Diversity at WHU
Diversity and Equal Rights

Diversity at WHU is a student-group concerned with bringing diversity- and LGBT-related topics into daily campus life. The group interacts as an intermediary to allow an exchange of personal experiences.

Enactus WHU Vallendar e.V.
Vision A, Help-O-Mat and more

Enactus inspires students to improve the world through entrepreneurial action. The Enactus WHU Vallendar team is recognized as a non-profit organization, currently engaging in international and national projects.

FEM. -
The WHU Female Leadership Initiative

Following the motto Empower.Create.Change., our Bachelor students organize a digital summit, hold regular workshops and build a mentoring network with Ladies@WHU. Putting role models in the spotlight and promoting the individual talents of individuals is crucial for them.

Wirtschaft in der Verantwortung

Every year, forumWHU unites more than 200 students from renowned European universities with the decision makers from economy and politics, so that they can discuss about current issues between society, economy and politics.

WHU Founders' Conference

Established as Europe's premier student-led founders' conference, our annual event unites experienced founders, vcs, investors as well as ambitious students for the interactive exchange of ideas and experiences.

In Vino Veritas
WHU Vallendar

We organize wine seminars and wine-tasting sessions on WHU Campus Vallendar. Our motto is "Life is too short to drink bad wine".

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LHG Vallendar
(University Liberals’ Association)

We are students who are politically active while studying and who stand up for liberal values. In addition to regular get-togethers, we also organize events on liberal topics in which we combine politics and fun.

Opinio - 
WHU Debate Society

Opinio is WHU's debate club inviting Bachelor and Master students to come together and exchange viewpoints and perspectives on those types of topics that are unlikely to be covered in class or raised in a causal conversation. 

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(Ring of Student Christian Democrats)

We are a political student organization with conservative leanings, close to the CDU/CSU, but retaining our independence. We are open to controversial debates and alternative points of view.

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Saidia Consulting
Die Pro Bono Beratung an der WHU

We support social organizations with business know-how regarding organizational and economic questions. We advise a wide range of social and non-profit institutions.

The WHU Impact Summit

SensAbility is Europe's largest student-organised, non-profit conference on social and sustainable business. The name is derived from the words "sense" (perception) and "ability" (ability to achieve something in particular) and once again emphasises the aim of sensitising people and companies to social issues and thus motivating them to act sustainably.

The WHU Entrepreneur Network

SmartUp! hosts regular on-campus workshops with experienced entrepreneurs, and organizes yearly tours to Berlin, Cologne, and Munich to visit selected set of startups from various industries.

Start-Up Academy
by Jugend gründet & WHU

The annual conference gives students from all over Germany basic knowledge about startups and impulses for self-employment. With >150 participants, we offer a platform for exchange and the realisation of ideas.

Studentische Bühne der WHU
WHU Student Theater Group

The WHU Theater Group is known for the extraordinary dedication of the constantly changing members of the ensemble, great attention to detail and very different types of characters, rewarded by regularly sold-out performances. 

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Independently organized TED event

We aim to provide a platform for today’s most revolutionary, inspiring and creative thinkers. TEDxWHU is an immersive, day-long conference with numerous speakers, also offering great networking opportunities.

Tradity meets WHU
Gamifying Education

Experience exciting lectures about stock markets and finance and show your knowledge in interactive workshops. Meet renowned personalities from the world of finance and make valuable contacts!

WHU-Campus for
Supply Chain Management

The WHU-Campus for Supply Chain Management is Europe's largest student organized Supply-Chain Conference dealing with the most current topics of the Logistics Industry.

WHU Entrepreneurship Roundtable
An Initiative of MBA students at WHU

We offer a platform to discuss business ideas, practice pitching and receive expert advice on startups and entrepreneurship.

WHU Euromasters
Europe’s biggest sports event for Business Schools

We combine sports competitions, legendary theme parties and a great opportunity for getting in touch with company representatives supporting the event.

WHU Family Business Club
A bridge between family businesses and the WHU community

We want to raise awareness about the many opportunities family businesses have to offer. We believe in the potential of family businesses to innovate and foster entrepreneurship. Our mission is to spread this message through various types of events throughout the year.

WHU Finance Society e.V.
WHU's oldest student initiative

Our thematic priorities are classical investment banking, investment management, sales & trading, as well as management consulting in the financial sector, providing academic sessions and networking opportunities.

WHU First Responder e.V.
Contributing to a valuable communal living

In case of an emergency, the members of WHU First Responder provide qualified first aid. All members have completed extensive rescue training and want to volunteer their knowledge and skills to the community.

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WHU Golf
Golf Tournaments in Frankfurt

The WHU Golf club stands for the reunion of WHU generations in a relaxed and enjoyable enviroment combined with a sporty challenge during a fabulous round of golf.

WHU Inside Business
Video Magazine by WHU students

Our aim is to provide new insights directly from executives and managers in the areas of digitalization, supply chain management, entrepreneurship, and finance.

WHU MBA Consulting Club
Founded in 2019 by two WHU MBA Alumni

The aim of the club is to bring together talented and motivated MBA candidates who are interested in a career in top consulting firms and are passionate about solving exciting business cases. The activities of the club are broad: interview preparation, peer-to-peer case study training, company workshops, round-tables with external speakers, fun social events, and more.

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WHU Social Democratic and Ecological Association
Fostering socio-political awareness at WHU

We are dedicated to exchanging knowledge of and opinions on current or timeless political issues and are particularly interested in sustainable and solidary positions. We are not a party-affiliated group and are generally open to different points of view.

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WHU Sports Association

Founded by WHU students in 1985, the WHU Sports Association maintains and encourages sports at WHU. Besides our own WHU gym, we have volleyball, basketball, soccer, cheerleading, and rowing teams. 

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WHU Students Help

WHU Students Help e.V. intends to give something back to the community, e.g. via collecting donations at the annual charity concert and doing regular projects concerning the community in Vallendar.

Vallendar Integration Program

We are a student initiative that supports the integration of exchange students into the local WHU community. We organize cultural and networking events, and offer social support to the exchange students in their new environment.

WHU Women in Business
Gender balance for German workplaces

We aim at connecting women in business in WHU and the German business community, driving thought leadership in business and management topics, and empowering women in business to pursue higher leadership roles.

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Meet the student representatives of our programs:

Program Overview

Have you ever thought about
joining our WHU programs?

We offer excellent study opportunities for people of any age and with a wide range of work experience. Next to the undergraduate (BSc in International Business Administration) and graduate programs (MSc in Management, MSc in Finance, MSc in Entrepreneurship), we offer Full-Time and Part-Time MBA programs, an Executive MBA program and Executive Education. This way, WHU contributes to and supports lifelong learning experiences. 


Program Overview

Have you ever thought about
joining our WHU programs?

We offer excellent study opportunities for people of any age and with a wide range of work experience. Next to the undergraduate (BSc in International Business Administration) and graduate programs (MSc in Management, MSc in Finance, MSc in Entrepreneurship), we offer Full-Time and Part-Time MBA programs, an Executive MBA program and Executive Education. This way, WHU contributes to and supports lifelong learning experiences.