Student Clubs

The WHU spirit is a term you may have already come across, and it is certainly one you'll hear again once you're on campus. Student life at WHU isn't just about studying - in their free time, our students enthusiastically pursue a wide range of extracurricular activities, making campus an exciting place to be no matter what your interests are.

Whether you love sports, the theatre, music, entrepreneurship, the community, debating, or are even partial to casual wine tasting, there truly is something for everyone. Check out our full list of student clubs to discover just how diverse your student life will be!

The following clubs are currently active at the WHU:

  1. Business Meets Tech - WHU's Tech Initiative
  2. Campus for Finance
  3. WHU Campus for Supply Chain Management
  4. Confluentes e.V.
  5. Diversity at WHU
  6. Enactus WHU Vallendar e.V.
  7. WHU First Responder
  8. forumWHU
  9. WHU Generations Cup
  10. Music Club (Hochschulmusikverein)
  11. Sports Club WHU (Hochschulsportverein 1985 e.V.)
  12. IdeaLab! - WHU Founders' Conference
  13. In Vino Veritas - WHU Vallendar
  14. Social democratic ecological Group WHU
  15. University Liberals' Association (Liberale Hochschulgruppe) WHU
  16. Ring of Student Christian Democrats (RCDS)
  17. Saidia Consulting
  18. WHU SensAbility
  19. SmartUp! - The WHU Entrepreneur Network
  20. Startup Academy von Jugend gründet & WHU
  21. TEDxWHU
  22. The Entrepreneurial Group
  23. WHU Students Theater Group
  24. Tradity meets WHU
  25. Vallendar Integration Program (VIP)
  26. WHU Debating Union
  27. WHU Entrepreneurship Roundtable
  28. WHU Euromasters
  29. WHU Finance Society e.V.
  30. WHU Golf
  31. WHU Inside Business
  32. WHU Students Help (WHU Studenten helfen e.V.)

WHU Campus Spirit

"After finishing my Bachelor studies at WHU, I chose it once again to do my Master studies as it offers one of the best educational programs paired with a great campus spirit and amazing career opportunities."

Gabriela Hájková
lass of 2018