Business meets Tech - WHU's Tech Initiative

About us

Business Meets Tech is WHU’s youngest initiative and the first one revolving around tech and IT. Pursuing a start-up approach, we aim towards encouraging students with a business background to engage themselves with tech-related topics.

Our relevance

Through a specialization on Economics and Business Administration, WHU has managed to build up a solid reputation as a Top-Tier Business School in Europe over the last couple of decades. Since its inception in 1984, however, the world has changed rapidly – posing new challenges not only for the society, but also for leading executives. Now is a time, where knowing about the concepts of Business Administration alone, is simply not sufficient anymore to be master the challenges an executive might face daily.

Our Mission!

Hence, we made it our mission to make WHU’s students fit for what the future holds and provide them with a very specific asset, namely IT-knowledge, next to their excellent management education. We aim at providing useful skills and sustainable knowledge, as well as interdisciplinary exchange, to our fellow students.

What we offer!

As part of our mission as an initiative, we are offering Tech-Workshops and Speeches held and given by professionals working in the German tech-environment, aimed at providing hands-on expertise.

Furthermore, we are offering so-called Tech-Tours. They include visiting the technical or engineering faculties of other universities across Germany (e.g. CODE, RWTH, KIT, etc.), as well as technical research institutions.

Another key component of what we are doing is the Coding Club. The Coding Club is focused towards providing weekly guided coding sessions for all interested students. Currently, we are offering two different tracks, i.e. Product Management and Data Science, both of which are different in content. The ultimate goal of the Coding Club is it, to merge the two tracks and make the participants pursue a joint-project.

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