WHU First Responder

The WHU First Responder is a student initiative from WHU. It is probably the initiative with the highest direct impact in Vallendar and the area around it. The members of First Responder provide a highly qualified first aid in case of an emergency even before the professional emergency service arrives. Every single member has completed a rescue services training to provide knowledge and skill to the community in Vallendar. With this the WHU First Responder give a large contribution towards the coexistence in Vallendar 

Since 2003 the WHU First Responder help at any medical emergencies in and around Vallendar. On an average of 12 times a month the rescue directing center alarms the WHU First Responder. In case of Cardiac infarcts, Apoplexies, accidents and reanimations, every single minute counts.

Due to the Smart-emergency-vehicle equipped with Blue light, siren and professional emergency equipment, all donations e.g. from former WHU students as well as partner companies, the two-man team arrives within ten minutes, before even the emergency service arrives. Those crucial minutes are used to initiate life saving measures that increase the chances of full recovery.

Furthermore, the WHU First Responder act in cooperation with the DRK as important medical enlightener. They organize Blood-donation-days as well as Organ-donation-days and First Aid training evenings. Therefore, the WHU First Responder take an important role in day to day life in Vallendar.


WHU First Responder Team
WHU First Responder Team