WHU First Responder e.V.

The WHU First Responders are WHU's student initiative, which is likely to have the most immediate impact in Vallendar and the surrounding area. In case of an emergency, the members provide qualified first aid even before the rescue service arrives in Vallendar, which often takes about ten minutes or more. All members have completed extensive rescue training and want to volunteer their knowledge and skills to the community. Thus, the WHU First Responders contribute to a valuable communal living.


Since 2003, the First Responders are providing medical support in case of an emergencies. The non-profit association is mainly financed by donations used for medical equipment and the maintenance of active service. They are called almost daily by the rescue center for emergencies such as heart attacks, strokes, accidents and resuscitations in and around Vallendar. The students work closely with the German Red Cross Niederwerth to provide immediate help in an emergency.


In close cooperation with the German Red Cross the initiative trains WHU students to become qualified rescue workers. In addition to a 160-hour theoretical part with two examinations, this training also includes a hospital and ambulance internship of a further 180 hours. In the course, the students learn, among other things, the anatomy of the human body, various clinical pictures, as well as their treatments. In the following internships they can put their theoretically learned knowledge into practice. Only after the whole training, they are taken over into the active First Responder service.

First Responder

Thanks to the generous support of In Praxi, the association was able acquire a new emergency vehicle at the beginning of 2019. The Audi Q2 is equipped with extensive medical equipment and a siren system. From measuring blood sugar to using the defibrillator and oxygen, First Responders have the ability to take action on a variety of conditions. Like the emergency services, the first responders are also alerted via 112 so that they can arrive at the place of action in only a few minutes after the emergency call and provide medical care to the patient.

Blood donation day and DKMS

The WHU First Responders regularly organizes blood donations, involving students, professors, WHU staff and citizens of Vallendar. In addition to donating blood, the First Responder also offer registration in the bone marrow donor registry and organ donor passes for those interested.

If you would like to support our charitable work, we would be very happy about your membership. Already with one Euro you can support us. The link can be found here: Membership application

WHU First Responder Team
WHU First Responder Team