Further projects

WHU GenerationsCup

The WHU running club


Hochschulsportverein WHU 1985 Koblenz e.V. (HSSV)

WHU sports club

In Vino Veritas - WHU Vallendar

Organizes wine seminars and wine-tasting sessions

LHG - Liberale Hochschulgruppe WHU

The LHG (University Liberals’ Association) WHU is a member of the German Federal Association of Liberal Universities, which sets its sights on a liberal higher education policy and representing students’ interests.

RCDS (Ring of Student Christian Democrats)

The RCDS (Ring of Student Christian Democrats) is a political student organization with conservative leanings that is close to the CDU/CSU but retains its independence and is open to controversial debates and alternative points of view.

Social Democratic and Ecological Student Association WHU

The members of the student association firmly believe that a democratic state with social and ecological policies can create a free and fair society that rewards achievements without losing sight of the underprivileged.

The objectives of the Social Democratic and Ecological Student Association include:

  • Fostering the exchange of political ideas, including through sociopolitical debate and deliberation
  • “Bringing to life” the interrelations between the economy, social democracy, and ecology
  • Organizing talks and events with European and German politicians as well as sociopolitical thought leaders at WHU
  • Jointly visiting interesting talks, stage productions, and exhibitions

The student association is a broad group where Bachelor and Master students, doctoral students, and WHU staff come together.

We meet every Tuesday from 1pm to 1:45pm in room C-002.


Stella Rheni e.V.

The WHU rowing club

Dancing (Tanzen)

An opportunity for both Latin American and ballroom dancers to show off their skills

TEG - the entrepreneurial group

A forum for discussing and implementing business ideas - see KOROVA.


WHU Debating Union

WHU Debating Union is WHU‘s official debating society and a member of the VDCH (umbrella association of debating unions at German universities). It is organizing weekly debates in English as well as rhetoric and presentation skills workshops. Beginners and experienced debaters alike are welcome!

Visit us at https://de-de.facebook.com/whu.debattierclub

WHU Golf

At WHU Golf the alumni host golf tournaments for the students.