WHU Students Help

WHU Studenten helfen e.V. ("WHU Students Help") is an initiative led by students that will soon celebrate its 15th anniversary (founded in 2004). This is a period of time that is usually enough to show what an initiative stands for. The aim of the initiative is to "press pause" in a fast-paced world, to be grateful for what we have, and to encourage to give something back.

A recurring event is the annual Christmas charity concert,  in which students from the WHU community get together to perform a vivid music program. Last time, the donations collected during the evening went to the Kindershospiz in Koblenz.

Regular projects concerning the community in Vallendar are also on the agenda. 2019 will also hold new projects for the initiative, ones that have never been seen before.


In January 2010, WHU Studenten helfen e.V. was awarded the "Selected Landmark in the Land of Ideas 2010" prize under the patronage of the German President.



1. Chairman: Richard Hänel
2. Chairman: Benedikt Schneider
3. Chairman: Jakob Rennertz
4. Chairwoman and Treasurer: Cynthia Oldehaver
Marketing Manager: Nick Nidens
Project Managers: Moritz Hannig, Falk Hantl, Lara Hilgert, Hannah Höhnke, Tim Lütz, Alisia Michel, Jonah Mostler, Moritz Müller, Olivia Nick, Hans-Christoph Schmidtke, Philine Stoermer, Anne Ullrich, Erik Walter