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WHU Inside Business is a video magazine which is independently organized by WHU students. Our aim is to provide new insights directly from executives and managers in the areas of gigitalization, supply chain management, entrepreneurship and finance. Since our start in 2016, we filmed more than 20 interesting videos. Therefore, we closely collaborate with different chairs of WHU and are supported by WHU Marketing.

Our Channels

Our videos are organized along different thematic areas: Digitization, Supply Chain Management, Finance, and Entrepreneurship. All our videos are related to business topics, which makes them especially interesting for business students as well as for business executives.

Our Partner

During the recent months, we collaborated with many interesting personalities within the business branch. To provide a first insight, we want to show two of our recent videos:

On the one hand, with Kai Herzberger, Head of Retail and E-Commerce at Facebook Germany, who explained the trends Facebook is currently working on. 

Another very interesting interview was with Ferry Heilemann, CEO of Freight Hub. He talked about Freight Hub, as digital freight forwarder across air and sea, and addressed problems the supply chain business is facing.

Our professors, from different chairs of WHU, support our videos as interview partners for our important guests. Depending on the channel and area we are filming for, we collaborate with a variety of prestigious professors:

Professor Dr. Stefan Spinler, Chair of Logistics Management
Dr. Katrin Baedorf, Director Center of Asset and Wealth Management
Professor Dr. Christian Schlereth, Chair of Digital Marketing


In 2018 WHU Inside Business introduced a new type of videos called SHORTCUTS. In our shortcut videos, external business leaders provide helpful business-related tips to students. Our aim is to reach a wider audience of students and spread the knowledge of those experienced executives. Therefore, SHORTCUTS are short, informative, and easy to understand.

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